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...the recepton was most helpful in ordering our transfers from the hotel to airport and the bar staff were friendly..

Mrs Hurst - Chace Hotel Coventry

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Thinking about a long journey on top of an early flight or late arrival is enough to tire anyone out. With this in mind, we're searching the web to find you the cheapest Coventry Airport hotels available in a simple click of the mouse button.

Allesley Hotel Coventry
3 star hotel
87% customer-rating 1 review
Located conveniently to Coventry Airport, the Allesley Hotel is a great, value-for-money place to stay in the Midlands.
4.89 miles from airport
Chace Hotel Coventry
3 star hotel
71% customer-rating 3 reviews
The Coventry Chace Hotel offers plenty of charm with its Victorian architecture and beautiful landscaped gardens - and it's only 5 minutes away from Coventry Airport.
0.96 miles from airport
Coventry Hill Hotel
2 star hotel
awaiting reviews
Featuring a modern, attractive feel, the Coventry Hill Hotel offers no-nonsense comfort and a great night's rest.
5.47 miles from airport
Coventry Airport Hotels with parking

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Combine your Coventry Airport hotel with parking and save yourself some hard-earned cash. The cost often comes in at little more than 'room only' rates - so we think it makes perfect sense.

As well as Coventry Airport Hotels we also offer Birmingham Airport Hotels in the South Midlands area.

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