Coventry Airport Hotel Reviews

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Allesley Hotel Coventry reviews
3 star hotel
87% customer rating 1 review
"We had a lovely overnight stay at the hotel, however after our holiday we arrived back at the airport at 11.30pm, we then phoned Allesley hotel to send our taxi and was told it would be with us in around 15 mins. 2.5 hours and 5 phone calls later the taxi arrived. We were told five different excuses ranging from the taxi came and couldn't find us (not true as I approached every taxi in the airport) to they had the wrong name. When we eventually arrived at the hotel we were told by reception that they were having a lot of complaints about the taxi company they use, not much help when you still have a 2 hour drive ahead of you."
Chace Hotel Coventry reviews
3 star hotel
71% customer rating 3 reviews
"The hotel was really close to the airport which was great. The room (family room) was spacious and clean, although it was very, very warm even with the window open and heating turned off, which made for an uncomfortable nights sleep. We were of the impression that the transfer to the airport was included in the price, but the taxi driver took 10 off us, which, because his English wasn't too good and because we were running a bit late we didn't get to sort out at the time."

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