Cost of Gatwick improvements criticised by airlines

Written by Casey

Three major UK airlines have warned BAA that a £900 million improvement scheme for Gatwick Airport is futile in the face of dwindling passenger numbers.

BAA's £900m plan under fire

BAA's £900m plan deemed "pointless" by airlines reports that, in a letter sent to BAA, British Airways, easyJet and Ryanair said that the business case for funnelling hundreds of millions of pounds into new facilities was “unproven”, especially in light of a fall in traffic of 12% since the start of this year.  The letter went on to state that it was pointless to make decisions about future developments at Gatwick when the airport is due to be sold in the near future.  The airlines are also very concerned that they will be the ones stuck with the bill for any improvements, and will ultimately have to pass on the cost to passengers by increasing fares.

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