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Wednesday, March 31st, 2010 by Casey

So here’s the deal.  The gosimply Brain Trust were sitting around one day, furiously generating cranial heat, when someone said “Hey! If you were a hotdog…would you eat yourself?  It’s a simple question; a baby could answer it:  If you were a HOTDOG…would you EAT yourself?”

Now, I know what you’re thinking.  You’re thinking, “Wow!  Those gosimply folk really know their stuff!”, and you’d be entirely correct, because out of that same Great Commune of Minds came the idea you’re about to hear.


See the car park with Street View at!

Have you ever been trying to find some place you’ve never visited before, and would love to know what it looks like so you can recognise it when you see it?  Would you like to be able to at least get an idea of surrounding landmarks that would help you know when you’re getting close to your destination?

Well, if you’re looking for an airport car park, rejoice! has now incorporated patented Google Street View technology to let you, dear customer, view the car park of your choice with just a few clicks (and maybe a couple o’ “drags”).

That’s right, you can now view around 70% of the car parks we currently offer using Street View.  (The other 30% don’t have Street View available yet, unfortunately.  We’ll keep an eye on that and let you know.)

So, not only can you now see the entrance of the car park and its surrounding area, but also get an idea of where your vehicle will be stored before you make your booking.  How helpful is that? (Here’s where we’d like you to say “Very!”)

If you don’t mind us tooting our own sousaphone, we might add that we’re the first to offer this, too.  So next time you’re in need of airport parking, visit and take advantage of our Google Street View feature.  Then really push the boat out and treat yourself to a hotdog (we recommend the brown mustard).

Wherever you’re going, gosimply.

Adding a Dash of Purple to Airport Parking

Tuesday, December 8th, 2009 by Tim

I’m pleased to announce the addition of Purple Parking to which adds a further 70 car parking options to our airport parking portfolio.

It’s not just about quantity though, so in keeping with our ethos, we’ve compared Purple Parking’s card fees alongside the often overlooked small print to offer a truly transparent comparison across 25 UK Airports – something which no other website does….call it pithy (like the Daily Mail did)… I call it common sense!

Purple Parking joins

Purple Parking joins

As one of the UK’s most established airport parking providers, Purple Parking continue to build upon their reputation from their group owned car park at Heathrow, but we make sure things are kept in check with our ever honest customer reviews – which we display on gosimply – whether good or bad.

As always, the best of the best car parks receive our coveted gosimply award each month – oh, and remember – we did it first 😉

With car park awards, to-the-point customer reviews, the biggest choice of sellers and the widest choice of car parks, I’d happily say that if you need to compare airport parking, then

Gosimply, Be Happy

Friday, March 20th, 2009 by Helen

Don’t be sad, no more boo! The sun is out and skies are blue!

Fun icons to link to the gosimply site

Fun icons to link to the gosimply site

That’s right, it’s time to put a big fat smile back on your face! Why is that we hear you say? Well it’s obvious isn’t it?  You’ve used gosimply and now you want to tell the world what a marvelous service we offer!.

So there you go then, if you  want to spread some of the joy, feel free to visit our link to gosimply page and use any of the gosimply faces on your website. Simply right click on the graphics to download them.  It’s as simply as that! 🙂

Location, Location, Location

Wednesday, February 11th, 2009 by Nick
Airport hotel map

Airport hotel map

Looking for airport parking or an overnight hotel stay? If so, what’s important to you?

We know that price is a driving factor for a lot of people, but a business traveller has different wants than a family going on holiday. Here’s a few things that our customers look out for:

  • Distance to airport
  • Transfer times
  • On or off-airport
  • Security features (including keeping their car keys)

With this in mind, we’ve developed a location map for both airport hotels and airport parking to go hand in hand with our gosimply awards and customer ratings.

Airport parking

Airport parking

Each car park or hotel is shown in relation to other products and the airport itself, along with a gosimply rating displayed as a percentage. More information on the rating can be found here.

The location guide uses the google mapping interface allowing you to toggle between a satellite, road map or a hybrid view. Further information and customer reviews on a specific car park or hotel can be accessed by simply clicking the map marker.

Comparing Products – “At a glance”

Tuesday, August 5th, 2008 by Tim

One thing the gosimply team noticed when developing the new website was that other comparison websites only show products side by side at the final page. Why not allow products to be compared before searching?

This is where our handy “at a glance” facility comes in.

It makes sense to give you the information you need to make an informed choice without having to search for it. Providing you with the facts you need, quickly and easily, will make your booking decision much simpler.

By providing a full selection of products for side-by-side comparison at the outset it’s easy to make an informed choice. If your favoured selection in not available when you search you will already know what your next best choice is going to be.

To see our “At a Glance” facility in action try visiting our Gatwick Airport Parking page and click the “Compare car parks side by side” link for a quick comparison of all te Gatwick Airport car parks. As an alternative visit our Heathrow Airport Hotels page to see how hotels compare side by side.

Credit Card Fees Uncovered

Tuesday, July 29th, 2008 by Tim

As part of our ongoing effort to put the customer first you now have the option to display prices including any credit card fees that are charged by the car park providers. Here’s a screen shot of what you might see on the availability screen excluding credit card fees:

Prices and car park providers before card fees

Prices shown EXCLUDING credit card fees along with recommended car park provider.

And including the car park providers credit card fees…

Prices including fees

Prices INCLUDING credit card fees

Not only has the price changed but the recommended provider for the Qpark car park has now changed from BCP to APH who currently offer a flat rate charge of 99p for credit card transactions.

Why show credit card fees?

Well for a start, nearly 50% of you have paid for your airport parking or hotel with a credit card so it makes sense to show any “charges” imposed by the car park provider BEFORE you reach the payment page.

Some of you prefer using a credit card for its added protection, or simply to stretch your budget over a longer period – particularly important during the present “credit crunch”.

Cancellation charges

We also compare and rank our airport parking providers based on any cancellation charges. Needless to say those with no or minimal charges come out more favourable than those that impose higher fees!

How much do credit card fees actually cost?

The reason some companies charge fees for using credit cards is because they actually get charged themselves by the credit card companies. In general, any company that does not charge a fee for using a credit card, absorbs the fees somewhere else along the line.

In some instances, if a car park provider has a minimum credit card charge, this could account for a reasonable percentage of the overall booking cost especially in the case of low value bookings. As an example, a credit card fee of £1.50 imposed on a booking of £17.00 adds around 9% to the overall cost of the booking.