Location, Location, Location

Written by Nick
Airport hotel map

Airport hotel map

Looking for airport parking or an overnight hotel stay? If so, what’s important to you?

We know that price is a driving factor for a lot of people, but a business traveller has different wants than a family going on holiday. Here’s a few things that our customers look out for:

  • Distance to airport
  • Transfer times
  • On or off-airport
  • Security features (including keeping their car keys)

With this in mind, we’ve developed a location map for both airport hotels and airport parking to go hand in hand with our gosimply awards and customer ratings.

Airport parking

Airport parking

Each car park or hotel is shown in relation to other products and the airport itself, along with a gosimply rating displayed as a percentage. More information on the rating can be found here.

The location guide uses the google mapping interface allowing you to toggle between a satellite, road map or a hybrid view. Further information and customer reviews on a specific car park or hotel can be accessed by simply clicking the map marker.

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