Comparing Products – “At a glance”

Written by Tim

One thing the gosimply team noticed when developing the new website was that other comparison websites only show products side by side at the final page. Why not allow products to be compared before searching?

This is where our handy “at a glance” facility comes in.

It makes sense to give you the information you need to make an informed choice without having to search for it. Providing you with the facts you need, quickly and easily, will make your booking decision much simpler.

By providing a full selection of products for side-by-side comparison at the outset it’s easy to make an informed choice. If your favoured selection in not available when you search you will already know what your next best choice is going to be.

To see our “At a Glance” facility in action try visiting our Gatwick Airport Parking page and click the “Compare car parks side by side” link for a quick comparison of all te Gatwick Airport car parks. As an alternative visit our Heathrow Airport Hotels page to see how hotels compare side by side.

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