Super Saver Hotels

Written by Tim
Look out for these Super Saver deals to save even more!

Look out for these Super Saver deals to save even more!

How Super Saver Hotel rooms save you a bundle of cash…

By not specifying any “named details” such as hotel name, restaurant name and directions, hotel operators can provide their hotel rooms at much lower rates, in some cases up to 35% cheaper. You can still view details of the hotel before you book (by viewing more info) to confirm that the hotel meets your requirements and what to expect.

In a nutshell, a Super saver hotel is:

  • A discounted hotel
  • The hotel name and facilities are only confirmed AFTER booking
  • The hotel is guaranteed to match the star rating shown

Complete details including the hotel name, directions and details of the facilities on offer are confirmed immediately after booking.

It’s a great way to save even more as Mr Wilson recently found out:

“My wife and self wanted accommodation as close to the terminal as we were flying early in the morning. The Holiday Inn suited us perfectly, and very reasonable in price when booked as your super saver hotel. We only had to walk out the door, cross the road, and we were at the terminal.”

Mr Wilson managed to save 26% this time around, I wonder how much you could save? If you have any comments on the Super saver hotel offer let us know.

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