Help! I’m trapped in my car

Written by Casey

Word has reached us here at that a customer has inadvertently locked himself in his vehicle whilst parked at the airport.

Mr. Stan Ridgway, former singer for the band Wall of Voodoo (who enjoyed a minor hit in the 1980’s with the song “Mexican Radio”), wrote to us via our website’s contact form this morning, unfortunately he forgot to state which airport he was stuck at!


Have you seen this man?

In his cry for help, he indicated that he had experienced an apparent child-safety lock malfunction, trapping him inside his 1969 Chevrolet Camaro. His attempts to free himself have so far consisted of “yelling”, but no help has been forthcoming.

In our drive to always provide helpful, friendly advice to each of our customers, we have suggested he kick out a window or possibly make his way to the boot and attempt to release the latch from within.  So far, no reply from Mr. Ridgway has been received.

We implore any customers who may be in the area of an airport parking facility to listen out for muffled cries for help, in hopes that Stan may yet be saved and reunite the much-loved Wall of Voodoo for a worldwide tour.

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