Historic Cathedrals of Spain

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The architecture of Spanish cathedrals has become a draw to both locals and tourists. With so many cathedrals throughout the country, each containing works of art and a rich history, there is always something to see when making your way through Spain

Three of the most beautiful and well-known cathedrals are in Seville, Toledo, and Barcelona. Known for their immense size as well as their beauty, they provide the perfect starting points for exploring the historic cathedrals throughout the country.

Toledo Cathedral


The cathedral of Seville is one of the largest cathedrals in Europe along with cathedrals in Rome and London. Its high ceilings give it the largest amount of volume out of any cathedral in the world.

Seville’s cathedral is designed in both Renaissance and Gothic styles. It was constructed after the destruction of a Moorish mezquita. The cathedral contains works of art by such artists as Goya, Murillo, Roldan, and Zurbaran. Most notably, one corner of the cathedral contains the tomb of Christopher Columbus.

Next to the cathedral is the Giralda. This bell tower has come to symbolize Seville and offers stunning views of the cathedral and the surrounding city.


Toledo’s cathedral is known for its large retable designed in the Gothic style. Its choir stalls date back to the 15th and 16th centuries, and it is the second largest cathedral in Spain.

There are three large doors that are decorated with sculptures and reliefs. Its Gothic style has made the cathedral as one of the greatest Gothic structures in the world. Its beauty is further enhanced by over 750 stained glass windows crafted by the greatest artists of the 14th and 15th centuries.

The cathedral houses jewels made of gold and silver that are used during masses and are contained within the treasury of the cathedral. Its works of art by artists including Van Dyck, Titian, and Rubens make it a premier attraction for art lovers.


The cathedral of Barcelona is perhaps the most famous of all Spanish churches. Before its construction, a Roman temple and a mosque both sat at its location. Its construction began in 1298 and was finally completed almost 2 centuries later. Subsequently, the main entrance was completed in 1898, and in 1913, its dome tower was completed.

The church contains Gothic arches and a retable. Its Chapel of the Most Saintly Sacrament contains the tomb of St. Olegarius. The Holy Christ of Lepanto, which was carried by Don Juan de Austria in 1571 during a battle at Lepanto, resides within the church to this day. As a result, Barcelona’s cathedral has come to represent the Catalan empire and its spirit.

Spanish cathedrals are works of art and stunning displays of architecture. Although the country has a large number of cathedrals for travelers to explore, the churches of Seville, Toledo, and Barcelona are perhaps the most well-known. In addition to their magnificent size and beauty, the cathedrals represent the long and rich history of the Spanish culture.

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