How to Crash Your Car in 1 Easy Step

Written by Casey

You know when you stumble across something on the Internet that makes you say, “Gees, who thought of that?” and you can’t wait to let everyone you know about your discovery?

Innovative and convenient - the Laptop Steering Wheel Desk

gosimply HQ was all abuzz recently about the amazingly impractical Laptop Steering Wheel Desk, as seen on  Not only is it an “instant ergonomic desk” (just add water?), but it stores easily under or behind your car seat.  It is arguably the most groundbreaking (and car smashing) new product to come along in donkey’s years.

You’d be forgiven for thinking it’s only for use when your vehicle is stationary though.  Hundreds of Amazon customers have offered suggestions for using the amazing Laptop Steering Wheel Desk that don’t require a rest stop.

One helpful reviewer suggests using it as a “mini-bar” to prepare tequila shots for yourself and your friends as you travel from one bar to the next.  Yet another suggests that using this innovative product has enabled him to translate the Magna Carta from Latin into LOLCat much faster than would be possible without it, since he’s able to work on it during his two-hour commute to and from his job.

Time-saving, productivity-enhancing and convenient.  What more could anyone want from a laptop accessory?

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