SpeedFerries Vessel Released by French Authorities

Written by Nick

The SpeedFerries cross channel vessel ‘Speed One’ that was impounded by French authorities earlier this month has been released.

‘Speed One’ was impounded by the Boulogne Chamber of Commerce after it claimed that it was owed some £800,000 in unpaid bills, SpeedFerries went in to administration shortly after their vessel was impounded at Boulogne Harbour. Days after the arrest of the high speed vessel, it emerged that the Dover Harbour Board were also considering legal action over an unpaid bill of some £250,000.

With the company now in the hands of the Administrators, efforts are being made to find a buyer for the business as a going concern. This is the preferred option over breaking the company up and selling it’s assets as it offers greater potential for the staff of the failed company and the longer term prospects of the firms creditors getting back more than they might otherwise.

SpeedFerries which was run by Danish businessman Curt Stavis, 47, fought an agressive campaign against rival ferry operators at the Port of Dover. Sticking with it’s strategy of keeping fares below the market average, It’s believed that the rising cost of fuel and other operating expences eventually led to the collapse of the business earlier this month.

Customers who haved pre-booked tickets for travel with SpeedFerries have been asked to wait for further information bulletins on the SpeedFerries web site.

For those travellers not affected by SpeedFerries remeber you can pre-book Dover Port Parking

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