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With many of us now looking ahead to the festive season, it’s likely that some of you are looking at heading a little further afield than the local boozer to see in the New Year.

If you are planning to spend some time on piste this season, we advise taking a little time out to prepare adequately. We like to think of it this way – just as you wouldn’t dream of hitting the slopes without the correct (or with faulty) equipment, neither should you consider going without comprehensive winter sports travel insurance.

winter-sports-travel-insuranceYet it seems that a large number of folks do travel abroad each season without adequate ski insurance – not necessarily because they’re being foolhardy, but because they don’t realise many standard travel insurance packages don’t include winter sports insurance. This could prove a painfully expensive oversight. report that a broken leg (one of the most common injuries on the slopes) could cost you as much as £12,000 for treatment in Europe – we’re pretty sure you’ll agree that’s a painful outcome, in more ways than one!

As usual here at, we’re all about keeping it simple. Instead of just adding cover to a standard travel insurance package – we offer tailor-made winter sports packages covering a multitude of snowbound activities. Better still, for the more adventurous among you, there are additional ‘bolt-on’ options available over and above the standard winter sports package, enabling you to find the right coverage at the right price. Oh, and did we mention you won’t find cheaper travel insurance anywhere else?

For a little more information on the pitfalls of travelling without the correct cover, click on the link below:

Stay safe on the piste. Because smart people

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