Top Annoyances When Travelling

Written by Nick

We’ve all experienced some form of travel annoyance at some time or another on planes, trains and coahces. From someones over excitable phone call to uncontrolled children running riot around the seats, it’s these things that can turn an otherwise relaxing journey into a nightmare.

A recent survey of some 9,000 travellers from around the world by Trip Advisor highlight not only the most annoying habits of our fellow passengers,  but also which nationalities rank as the least and most annoying.

The top 10 travel annoyances:

1. Children kicking your seat back
2. Rude seat recliners
3. Loud mobile phone conversations
4. Passengers taking too long to stow overhead baggage
5. People getting up before the seatbelt sign is off
6. Armrest hogs
7. Passengers consuming smelly food
8. Travellers blocking moving walkways
9. “Shoulder surfers” reading over your shoulder
10. People wandering in front of airport service carts

The top 10 most-annoying travellers:

1. Americans
2. French
3. Germans
4. British
5. Chinese
6. Russians
7. Japanese
8. Italians
9. Indians
10. United Arab Emirates.

For many, these reasons are enough to avoid travelling with others when commuting, travelling cross country or to the airport with a growing number of people preferring to drive and park at the airport or other destination than use public transport.

Whether you agree or not with The Trip Advisor’s findings, let us know what you think along with any stories of your travel experiences.

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