What To Do Before You Hit The Ski Slope (3 of 6)

Written by Nick

Last week, we spoke about the different types of ski resorts and accommodation. This week we’ll look at some of the things you should find out and do when you arrive at the resort  before hitting the slopes.

Unwind and relax before hitting the slopes

Unwind and relax before hitting the slopes

Although every resort is different, there are some basic rules that will ensure your well-being and safety during your stay.

On arrival at the resort

Explore and familiarise yourself with the resort

Familiarise yourself with your surroundings

Familiarise yourself with your surroundings

Take time to find out where everything is, from bars and restaurants, to some of the more important facilities and landmarks. Being familiar with your surroundings and knowing where everything is from the outset can save time and stress during your stay.

Find the nearest Pharmacy & Chemists

From headaches to hypothermia…be prepared!

From a simple headache to emergency medication and treatment – trying to find the nearest chemist or pharmacy in an unfamiliar place isn’t fun when someone’s in pain or distress.

Make time to locate the nearest pharmacy to your accommodation and ensure that at least several others in your group also know where it is, including the quickest way to get there. If the resort has more than one pharmacy, it may be worth locating the other as a back-up plan.

Arrange a meeting point

Lost someone? Hopefully not for long.

Before heading out to the slopes, it’s definitely worth getting the group around a piste map to identify and agree pre-arranged meeting points. These are invaluable if someone gets separated from the group and prevents the need for everyone to head out in different directions to find them.

Check Your Equipment

Do you have it and does it work? Check all your equipment boots and goggles to tissues and antiseptic hand wash.

Check you have all your equipment with you and if renting check the fit

Check you have all your equipment with you

A pre-ski check list is always a good idea to ensure that you have everything to hand that you may need. In true Blue Peter style, here’s one we prepared earlier:

  • Spare ski socks
  • Suntan cream
  • Lip balm / protector
  • Sunglasses
  • Mobile phone
  • Handy packs of tissues
  • Small bottle of antiseptic hand wash
  • Bottled water or other drink (not alcohol)
  • Chocolate bar or other high-energy snacks
  • Small emergency first aid kit with plasters and bandages
  • Piste map
  • Goggle and sunglasses cleaner
  • A reliable watch or clock of some description

Grab Two Piste Maps

Know where you are, and take a back-up map in case one blows away!

Ski resorts usually have an extensive network of ski runs that cover miles and miles. If you get separated from a group or the weather closes in, a Piste Map can help you to regain your bearings and find your way back to a pre-specified rendezvous point.

Check the Weather and Piste Conditions

Know what’s best come snow or shine!

Weather can be a big problem when skiing. A gloriously bright, sunny warm day with perfect visibility can turn into a white-out in minutes. It’s important to check the weather in advance of setting out to get an idea of what to expect and when the conditions are likely to change. This enables you to better plan your day and stay safe.

Roger that!

For a happy and care free winter holiday communication is key!

Keeping in contact with your skiing group is extremely important

Keeping in contact with your skiing group is extremely important

Communication is essential for any group or party heading out to the slopes, not just in terms of having a mobile phone but having all the necessary contact numbers and staying in touch with each other throughout the day. Each member of the group should have the name and phone numbers of:

  • Each group member
  • Emergency services
  • Ski and mountain rescue
  • Hotel, chalet or apartment, if it has one
  • Local doctor’s surgery or hospital

In addition to having the numbers, it’s important that each person communicates their intentions with the rest of the group. If someone gets tired or isn’t feeling well and wants to go back to the apartment or hotel, they should text or call other group members to let them know.

Next week we’re on the piste!

That about wraps it up for this week. Join us next week where we’ll show you how to be safe on the piste whether you’re a skiier or snowboarder, and what can be done if things go awry on the slopes.

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