Turkish Delights As a Winter Getaway

Written by Andy

Christmas has come and gone, and left us a little worse for wear in both the state of mind and in the pocket, but why not consider a holiday to Turkey, one of the cheaper destinations around Europe and not too far from home, and the great weather just settles the deal.

With most budget airlines doing super cheap return flights to some of the best places in Turkey from the UK and Europe, you’ve got no excuse to not top up that tan before the festive season.

Istanbul by night is a glorious sight

Below we have amalgamated a list of destinations that should give you a real taste of what Turkey is all about:


Not the capital city like so many presume, Istanbul is a huge melting pot of different cultures and art forms that will keep you tanterlised from the word go!

Stroll through the beautiful streets to witness grand feats of Turkish/Arabic architecture. Sit in one of Istanbul’s many fine cafes, sipping the best espresso you’re likely to have and watch the fashionable inhabitants of this vibrant city glide by.

Together with many art galleries, museums and theatre performances you’ll be a cultural heaven, where you’ll be sure to meet some very interesting people.


Pammucale is one of Turkey’s most bizarre and beautiful wonders. Located near the ***, upon approaching the Pammucale Mountains you will be struck by how much they look like snowy mountains in Turkish searing heat!

The white colour attributing to Pammucale, is due to the magnitude of calcium deposits left over millions of years in this area. Against the green, dry landscape and midday sun they look very peculiar and stand out for miles around.

Pammucale also has beautiful cool pools for you to bathe in on it’s shaded side so you’ll have no trouble cooling off after the walk up there.


Being one of Turkey’s most popular destinations amongst holidaymakers, Marmaris is a great spot for anyone looking for the three S’s; Sun, sea and sand!

Sunkissed beaches, lots of restaurants to choose from and a lively nightlife that will have you dancing to the ‘kiss kiss’ song until the early hours.

Marmaris is also great for shopping, with many of the biggest markets being located right in its center with all manner of ‘designer’ goods for you to browse through.


Not quite as lively as Marmaris, so more suited for family holidays or for people wanting a more quieter break. Altinkum is a sleepy little fishing village, that has stunning golden beaches, sparkling blue waters and lots of secluded sandy coves for you to relax in.

Altinkum also has a number of locations where you can buy many beautiful, handmade turkish rugs that can even be shipped back to the UK, so you won’t have to worry about luggage allowance on the flight back.

Don’t let the winter blues get you down and have a well deserved rest before the hetic Christmas season, by going somewhere in Turkey this year. And don’t forget to book your airport parking or airport lounge before you go.

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