Manchester Airport Hotel Reviews

We like to offer a transparent service, therefore we show both the positive and negative reviews for each hotel serving Manchester Airport. So far we've collected 686 Manchester Airport hotel reviews from our previous customers to provide you with a comprehensive and genuine overview of each hotel. Manchester Airport hotels have an average rating of 78% and individual ratings are displayed clearly so you can quickly see which hotels have impressed previous customers the most.

Airport Inn reviews
3 star hotel
82% customer rating 100 reviews
"Staying here and using the park and transfer service the night before our holiday was great and everything ran like clockwork. Although we didn't eat at the hotel we spoke to others who did and they said the food was excellent - both in quality and quantity and at a very good price. Shame we were sent an e-mail telling us the restaurant was closed!"
Altrincham Lodge reviews
3 star hotel
96% customer rating 11 reviews
"we booked about 12 weeks in advance so got it for 30 for the room for the night we used the train to man airport (recomended)but bewhere taxi to and from airport now costs 35! but the hotel is very nice staff very helpful rooms clean and warm good shower/loo kettle and coffie/tea in room if you want any more coffie etc you can get more from reciption.its a 2 story building no lift so luging your suitcase up 2 flights of stairs may be a stuggle also there are yellow sercurty lights on all night and these do shine into your room a bit evean with curtion closed.also pub next door has meals at 10 for 2 and there billient!!beers also good pub is not nosiy at we came in a taxi i cant say what its like to find if your getting here by car there is a lagre car park and the lodge is in a c shape with car park in middle lighted up looks like it gets full quick so if you come by car get here as soon as you can all in all i would recomend the altringham lodge for a overnight stay."
Belfry House Hotel reviews
3 star hotel
84% customer rating 5 reviews
"The Belfry House is a little faded but clean and tidy. The location is good, quiet and within easy reach of the airport. The transfer was by taxi - which I assumed we'd have to pay- but, that was in with the price of the room.The buffet breakfast was excellent, and just right before undergoing the ordeal of airport check in. The room was clean and comfortable and for the price paid, you'd be hard put to find better value for money."
Best Western Pinewood Hotel reviews
3 star hotel
84% customer rating 3 reviews
"The welcome was exceptional, the staff couldnt do enough for me. The food was hot and good quality and the service was outstanding. I will definately use this hotel again, the staff were warm and friendly and made everything so easy."
Bewleys Hotel reviews
3 star hotel
85% customer rating 11 reviews
"All went well - waiting time at airport was only 5 minutes. Atrocious weather did't help those that got wet getting to taxi rank shelter; also shelter too small meaning that some people struggled to get inside it!"
Bowdon Hotel reviews
3 star hotel
69% customer rating 53 reviews
"The hotel was clean, the leisure pool facilities very pleasant, and the hotel was close to Hale which has a large variety of restaurants. The transfer Taxi was extremely punctual both to and from the airport. Staff were very efficient. I would definitely use the hotel again."
Britannia Ashley Hotel reviews
3 star hotel
77% customer rating 11 reviews
"I stopped Hotel Britannia Ashley for the night before i was to fly to the USA the car parking over the time i was in the USA was not at the Hotel i stopped at.The Holiday parking was at Hotel about three miles from the Hotel i stopped at. But this was no problem and my car all-right when got back from my holiday in all very good service 10/10."
Britannia Country House Hotel reviews
3 star hotel
70% customer rating 130 reviews
"We'd booked a room before our flight the next day and got parking for 2 weeks with it. Overall it was fairly cheap (88) and the room was great (good size with bunk beds and hydro bath). However, the parking was terrible (reception just said 'park where you can') and it took us 3 drive rounds and about 15 mins to eventually find somewhere we could dump our car. There were no markings and it looked like cars had just been abandoned - on return they were just dumped on the grass beside the road. We didn't feel confident that our car was safe at all or that, if the cars around us were all removed, our car would be left in the middle of a road. The transport to the airport worked (as in we got there) but it was a shambles - we didn't know where it was or who was picking us up, the driver looked depressed and angry and the bus looked like it had been stolen from a scrapyard. Basically an average priced room in a place with a lot of surrounding land so you could leave your car at your own risk. I'll pay another 60 for Bewleys and feel more confident next time."
Britannia Hotel reviews
3 star hotel
67% customer rating 104 reviews
"Our room was quite small but absolutely adequate for one night. The reception staff were excellent and so was the bar staff. We had dinner which was reasonably priced and very good and the service was good too. We have stayed at the Britannia Airport Hotel before and would stay again."
Britannia Hotel Stockport reviews
3 star hotel
60% customer rating 6 reviews
"the rooms are extremely basic and old in need of updating and decorating, the lobby is ok and has a pool with gym didnt use the restaurant facilities, if you using it to park at for the airport its probably worth it as the rooms are bearable but for an extra 20 your probably better off with another hotel. staff were ok nothing over the top, probably sums up the whole hotel, just there as somewhere to park your car, sorry but true."
Cresta Court Hotel reviews
3 star hotel
80% customer rating 49 reviews
"We booked this with parking at terminal 2 long stay which worked very well. Staff were friendly and efficient but the room was in need of updating. In particular the net curtain was stained and filthy."
Crowne Plaza Hotel reviews
4 star hotel
89% customer rating 47 reviews
"The free gift of this works sleep is excellent didn't use it on the night as we had to up very early but have used it since and have bought more. Well done will recommend you and will use you again if I have to travel from Manchester"
Etrop Grange Hotel reviews
3 star hotel
88% customer rating 13 reviews
"Very close to the airport but not a bit of aircraft or traffic noise was heard. Comfy bed, lovely room, great bar meal, friendly staff and reliable transfer to and from the airport. Will be using Etrop Grange next time we travel from Manchester airport."
Hilton Hotel reviews
4 star hotel
86% customer rating 80 reviews
"Nice place however expected more. Good transfer facilities. Poor choice in restaurant and would have been offered better service from a pot plant from one member of staff whilst dining. Unable to run a tab in the bar/restaurant for some reason which was inconvenient. Would have spent more money if it wasn't the case. TV in room had a fuzzy picture also. But I don't like to grumble!"
Marriott Hotel reviews
4 star hotel
88% customer rating 30 reviews
"Only negative was that the family room was down a corridor then down a flight of stairs which was difficult with two small children. Would suggest ringing hotel prior to stay too requirequest room on ground floor. Children can only use swimming pool until 7 pm but we didn't know that until we went to leisure club at 6.30 pm. Towels are provided and changing rooms have hair dryers."
Premier Inn South reviews
3 star hotel
84% customer rating 8 reviews
"When we booked in we were told that we were guaranteed a good nights sleep. The lady on reception was really pleasant and helpful. Our twin room was very spacious with two double beds. The beds were so comfortable that it was quite an effort to get up and get ready for our flight. We certainly did have a good nights sleep."
Radisson Blu Hotel reviews
5 star hotel
83% customer rating 12 reviews
"After returning from La on a flight from heathrow, we used the raddison blu because of the location was on the airport , we had to catch a flight the following day back to our home in spain, having been on a cruise the large bed was amazing, and the kids had there own room , we ate in the bar athough a litte pricy the food was great, the hotel was quite expensive, but i would reccomend the location and would stay again."
Swallow Bower Hotel reviews
3 star hotel
55% customer rating 1 review
"The Food menu was very limited and overpriced. Ok just for the night and parking."
Travelodge reviews
3 star hotel
73% customer rating 9 reviews
"Rooms clean & tidy, the double bed sunk in at the middle which ment you kinda rolled into the centre lol . Arrived late at night. Check-in a bit busy I was just handed my card and moved along!I wasnt told anything (breakfast times etc) and I was trying to find out information about a transfer from securapark where I had booked my car for 2weeks( my car had broken down at the hotel just as we arrived) to the airport in the morning and no-one at front desk seemed to have a clue what I was talking about and they then proceeded to hand me a map!. (Must have been my scottish accent!)We were then told that the transfer shuttle was fully booked and that a taxi would be booked to take us(no problem taxi arrived on time) Overall we were stressed down to the car breaking down but hotel does exactly what it says and you cant knock it for that."
Village Cheadle Hotel reviews
4 star hotel
85% customer rating 3 reviews
"We booked this hotel specifically for the facilities on offer. We were therefore disappointed to learn on arrival that children were not allowed in the pool after 7.00pm & that we then couldn't get a hot meal after 10.00pm. To compound this breakfast didn't open untyil 8.00am. All of these were not really conjusive with airport travel & we were therfore disappointed."

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