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80% transfers
80% facilities
40% price
40% service
We had prepaid. the car park let us in when we arrived, etc. Came back from hols and put the ticket in and the system said you need to pay 60. the intercom worked so we able to talk to the operator, but we had misplaced the paperwork, so we reversed up. After hunting for the papers we found them and discoverd the booking number then went back to the barrier and spoke again. The guy just raised the barrier without so much as okay, thanks, or anything. Rather rude. Anyway we were off....
Mr Annett
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79% transfers
79% facilities
82% price
82% service
positive: 73%
neutral: 11%
negative: 14%

Jet Parks 2 has been rated 82% by 61 previous customers who have submitted east midlands airport parking reviews.
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