Air Cargo in Decline at Amsterdam Airport

Written by Nick

Although there has been much emphasis on how the credit crunch has affected passenger air travel, little has been reported on the impact that the economic slow down has had on international air freight business.

Amsterdam Airport Traffic Stats

Amsterdam Airport Traffic Stats

Amsterdam Airport, one of Europe’s main air freight centres, saw volumes of air cargo fall by 31% between May 08 and April 09. Other European airports have also seen steady declines, with reported falls of 21.2% at Zurich, 22.8% at Madrid and 23% at London Heathrow within the same period.

Although worldwide passenger numbers dropped dramatically last year, there have been encouraging signs of recovery, with Amsterdam Airport reporting a sharp increase between March and April 09. The increase in passenger numbers is not only good news for operators flying in and out of Amsterdam’s Schiphol airport, but also for the local economy, tourism and service sectors at the airport including retail outlets and operators of the Amsterdam Airport Lounges.

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