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The Gift of Travel – Cool Travel Gift Ideas

Tuesday, December 23rd, 2014 by Kate Goldstone

Some of us love nothing better than staying at home, holidaying within the British Isles. Others are born travellers, willing to drop everything and head for exotic places whenever the opportunity arises. Some say travel broadens the mind, others say it only broadens the mind if you’re already broad minded. But one thing’s for sure – most of us enjoy travelling to one extent or another… and even if we don’t enjoy the actual travel bit, the process of getting from A to B, we love it once we get there!

Christmas Gifts

Christmas Gifts

Christmas travel gift ideas

Travel industry tradition dictates that as soon as the festive season is over, the telly fills up with travel agency and destination adverts and millions of us start thinking about booking our main holidays. Which means travel-related Christmas gifts are an easy win if you have a travel-obsessed friend or relative. Here are some travel-inspired Christmas gifts that are guaranteed to thrill.

Ryanair travel vouchers

Travel vouchers are brilliant because they leave the ultimate choice to the person you give them to. Take Ryanair, whose travel voucher system lets you buy vouchers worth £25 to £200. They give your loved one the choice of 1600 flights every day, connecting a whopping 183 destinations across 30 European countries. You can buy them online and they’ll be emailed to the recipient, who can redeem them via the Ryanair website.

Virgin experience days flying vouchers

Gravity? Who needs it? Virgin Experiences offer a brilliant range of flying lessons and flight-based treats. You can learn to fly in a light aircraft, a helicopter or even a stunning vintage Tiger Moth, a truly legendary flying machine.

If your family member would rather not drive the craft themselves but prefer sitting back and letting someone else do the hard work, you can book them on a helicopter flight over either London or Portsmouth. Remarkable views, a unique perspective and a magical flying experience await you.

Virgin Experience Days

Virgin Experience Days – from

If you love the idea of flying but feel a bit farty about actually getting airborne, you can still get the full flavour at ground level. How? Via a multi-million pound flight Boeing 737 Flight Simulator. Now that’s what we call a flying lesson gift experience to remember!

Virgin also offers a host more crazy flight-inspired experiences packed with adrenaline.  How about parachuting, skydiving, hot air balloon trips, gliding or flying in a microlight? Not for the faint hearted but huge fun for dedicated adrenaline monsters.

Random fun gift ideas for travellers

The Not On The High Street website lets you shop by personality, which is seriously handy for the jet setter in your life.

How about a classy pair of map location cufflinks, which you can personalise? Or a scratch-off map poster, a personalised travel notebook, a compact mirror with a map printed on the lid or an extremely posh real leather luggage  tag? There’s even a beautiful handmade vintage map lampshade. As we write they have a cool  115 travel related gifts to choose from. is Britain’s top festival and backpacking shop, home of masses of useful and quirky gifts for youngsters off on their gap year travels during 2015. Everything from backpacker travel card games to travel phone chargers, solar inflatable lights, temporary door locks, body and chest wallets, shewees, eye masks and travelling water purifier kits.

Avios air miles travel cards

How about Airmiles? In 2011 they changed their name to Avios, but they still offer the same thing: when you shop with certian retilers and fly with certain airlines you can collect airmiles and when you’ve collected enough, you can fly somewhere new and exciting for free.

Avios Travel Card

Avios Travel Card – from

You can collect Avios from household names like Tesco, Shell, BA, Iberia and many more collection partners. Then you can redeem them against flights, Eurostar journeys, cruises, wine clubs and various cool holiday extras including car hire, hotels, travel insurance and leisure experiences. Perhaps you could apply for an airmiles card for someone you love?

Travel books on Amazon

Amazon has a massive collection of beautiful and useful travel books. Take The Travel Book, a journey through every country in the world from Lonely Planet Travel Books. It contains information about 229 countries and destinations plus more than 800 stunning images to inspire the travel-obsessed, even if they’re just keen armchair travellers. The Amazon Kindle store is also full of excellent travel and related ebooks.

The perfect travel gift for 2015, Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2015: The Best Trends, Destinations, Journeys & Experiences for the Year Ahead is an exceptional book, packed with the best places to go and things to do all around the world. It draws inspiration from the knowledge and passion of the organisation’s staff, seasoned travel authors and the online community. And every destination featured has been through a strict selection process to win a place in the book.

  • The top 10 countries, regions and cities to visit in 2015
  • The best travel experiences on the cards for the coming year
  • 16 top travel lists to explore
  • More than 35 particularly spectacular and thrilling events, detailed month by month
Travel Around the World

Travel Around the World

If someone you know has always wanted to just drop everything and go… but doesn’t know where to start and how to get it sorted, you might buy them How to Drop Everything And Travel Around The World – How to Do It, Where to Go & Why It’s Cheaper Than You Think. Here are the chapter headings to whet your appetite:

  • Are You Ready? Let’s Go On An Adventure!
  • Making Up Your Mind to Travel
  • Getting Your Sh*t Together Before You Leave
  • The Essential Guide to Packing
  • Where Are You Going? Let’s See Some Ideas!
  • Worldwide Travel Tips: Where to Go, Sleep, And Eat
  • Tackling Issues On The Road (Where Would We Be Without Surprises?)
  • Staying Sane Abroad
  • Let’s Cut To The Chase: How Much Will It Cost Me? (Hint: It’s Cheaper Than You Think)
  • What Are You Doing Here? Bon Boyage!
  • BONUS CHAPTER from “Productivity NOW! The Ultimate Guide to Get Explosive Results, Maximize Your Productivity & Erase Procrastination Forever!”
  • Much, much more!

SafariQuip for the finest tried and tested travel & adventure gear

Being properly equipped is half the battle. If you want to buy top quality travel related gifts from a company run by people who are totally passionate about travel and adore adventures, SafariQuip have been selling the finest equipment to fellow travellers and outdoor enthusiasts since the 1980s.

Rolling in cash? Buy a plane…

For all we know you’re loaded, rolling in it, on the rich list. If so, why not buy a plane and take control of your own travelling life? Cessna has a great choice of beautiful, reliable flying machines, everything from their famously luxurious Citation business jets to Caravan turboprops and single engine light aircraft.  As they say on-site:

“For more than eight decades, we have been innovating aircraft engineering to lead the world of aviation. Continuing that tradition of pioneering in aviation technology, we are driven by ingenuity. We have been reinventing the way you fly for more than 85 years. Our aeronautical engineers have imagined hundreds of original aircraft concepts into clean sheet designs advancing to the latest computer-enhanced technology and flight-simulation tools and, finally, to prototype. Because it takes years for a new aircraft to reach its maiden flight, we are always designing for tomorrow’s world.”

Here’s wishing you a splendid Christmas

Whatever you buy, wherever you go, whatever you do, here’s wishing all our lovely customers a very happy festive season and a thrillingly adventurous 2015.

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Bang Goes Another Year | Top Tips for Fireworks at Home

Wednesday, December 29th, 2010 by Nick

The twilight of another year is almost upon us, but with Christmas at the forefront of everyone’s minds, New Year’s celebrations are often a last minute thought. With that in mind, we’ve prepared a simple hit list to ensure you start your New Year with a bang.

Massive Firework's Display

Start your New Year with a bang

Fireworks at home have a become big business. Once no more than a few mini rockets and sparklers, some displays now give official events a run for their money. If you’ve got the space (our research boffins recommend a minimum safe distance of 25 feet from the firework action), here’s how you can have some firework fun without blowing up your wallet:

The best parties start with a good invite

First impressions count, even if it is your Blue Peter best! The more organised the party sounds the more likely people will respond. Apart from stating a clear time of when your “doors open”, and what time you’re starting the fireworks we’ve got a couple of suggestions:

Become a Party Popper, Not a Party Pooper!

Become a party popper, not a party pooper!

  • Bring a “banger”. Although it’s pretty standard to turn up with your favourite tipple, asking your friends to bring along a firework as well will go a long way to getting a big display out of a small budget.
  • Hold a competition. It adds an air of excitement and will encourage people to join in. The guest with the brightest or noisiest firework could win some cinema vouchers, or a bottle of bubbly.
  • Cater for everyone. Not everyone loves the bright lights and noise of fireworks, so let your guests know that you’ve got a games room for their enjoyment (personally, we go for a bit of karoake).
  • Invite your neighbours. Give them prior notice of the party so even if they can’t or don’t want to attend, it will give them pre-warning to batten down the hatches and make sure that any pets are safe and sound indoors.

Home Sweet Home (and how to keep it that way!)

A house full of indoor guests is one thing, but bringing the outdoors in could mean muddy boots and wet overcoats, making things rather messy. Follow these simple tips to get your house ship-shape for the party of the year!

Avoid muddy feet and 'mishaps' - put some cupboard down!

Avoid muddy feet and 'mishaps' - put some cupboard down!

  • Hide your breakables. You and your party guests will likely be wrapped up in warm jackets and wooly scarfs, and we seem to have this funny habit of not knowing how much room we take up. Avoid “brushing past” and knocking over any breakables by placing them upstairs in a safe place (the valuables that is, not the guests).
  • Protect your carpets. The cheapest way is to use some cardboard. It may not look attractive, but it will save your floor from muddy footprints and a dreaded “mulled wine incident”.
  • Get covered. If you don’t have a marquee, see if one of your friends has one that you can put outside. It’s a great way to keep people dry whilst allowing you to cater outside. Alternatively, go down your local B&Q or Homebase and grab some transparent tarpaulin to fashion a make do shelter. That way people can still look up through the roof and watch the fireworks.
  • Cater near the garden or outside. It keeps things simple, and this is where most of the action is. Weather permitting you won’t need a canopy, but if you opt to cater outside and there is a chance of rain see “get covered” above.
  • Spud-u-like and Cheenz! Jacket potatoes with beans and cheese is a simple and cheap yet satisfying way to cater for the masses. Be adventurous and cook a spicy chilli to warm your guests palette.
  • Hot chocolate, Mulled wine, Tea and Coffee. If you have more than 10 guests it may be worth hiring a large volume hot drinks dispenser – the perfect way to serve your hot drinks in an instant.

How to set up your garden for fireworks

If you are lucky enough to have the space to hold a fireworks display, some basic planning and precautions should be taken to minimize the risk of damage and, more importantly, injury.

A few fire precautions will go a long way for your fireworks party

A few precautions will go a long way for your fireworks party

  • Wear goggles or safety glasses. There’s every chance a “dud” firework could suddenly re-ignite at any point. Eyes are vulnerable, so it’s important to make sure that they’re well-protected. You’re unlikely to win any fashion awards, but it’s a small price to pay.
  • Have some buckets of water ready. Strategically place them around the garden. Not all fireworks fully detonate; don’t take it for granted that they have. Make sure that every firework that appears to be dormant is dropped into a bucket or large container of water and left there to soak.
  • Get some wet towels on standby. Hopefully these won’t be needed, but if someone is unfortunate enough to be hit by a spark or stray firework, having these ready can save valuable seconds and help prevent serious injury.
  • Tie a Safety Line across the width of the garden as a tangible barrier to seperate the safe area and the danger zone. This is a good way to prevent a crowd of people moving too far forward to get a better view of ground-based fireworks.
  • Grab a hose pipe. A good way to prevent any stray sparks from causing a fire in the first place is to give everything a good soaking before the display starts.
  • Basic First Aid is a good idea, do some quick reading up on how to treat minor burns. If anything does happen, some good on-the-spot first aid can reduce the severity of a burn, giving it a better chance to heal quickly.

Happy New Year!

No matter what you decide or where you land up this New Years Eve, the important thing is to be close to those that mean the most to you, have fun and dream of all the possibilities that the New Year could bring. So from the team, have a very happy Christmas and a safe and memorable Happy New Year.


Win £100 In Vouchers with the Lucky Draw!

Thursday, December 2nd, 2010 by Nick

Snow is falling and we’re feeling the Christmas spirit at gosimply HQ. With that in mind we’ve got a festive giveaway for you – simply enter our lucky draw for your chance to win £100 in Snow and Rock Vouchers.

Pretty Christmas Star

Christmas Wishes with a £100 Lucky Draw - courtesy of

Snow and Who?

Surely you’ve heard of “Snow and Rock”? No? Well, head on over to to check out some of their awesome products. If you’re off on a winter holiday or know someone that is ski mad (or just a lover of the rugged outdoors for that case), then this is definitely for you!

It’s quick, easy and best of all free

Head on over to our lucky draw, follow us on Facebook, enter your details (so we can contact you if you win), and in a little under 2 weeks, you could be receiving an early Christmas gift from us nice chaps and chapesses at

There’s more…

With festive tunes playing in the office and an overwhelming desire to spread some goodwill we wanted to give you that little bit more. For those jetting off in search of some winter sun (when the airports open again!) we’re offering 10% off our airport lounges. To activate the discount click here then enter XMAS10 before searching for your dates and airport.

* 10% discount code for airport lounges only available for bookings made before 31st December 2010. Free Lucky draw closes 15th December 2010.

Relight Your Fire! It’s Bonfire Night!

Friday, November 5th, 2010 by Casey

Guy Fawkes: Is this the Great British Anti-Hero?

Guy Fawkes: Is this the Great British Anti-Hero?

Tonight’s the night when the people of Great Britain, Australia and New Zealand commemorate (nay, celebrate) the failed attempt by Guy Fawkes and his cohorts to assassinate King James I.

Not having attended school in this country, I always believed Bonfire Night celebrated the actual attempt at destroying the House of Lords and murdering the king, not the infamous Gunpowder Plot’s failure.  I’m not sure what this may say about your humble author; that’s for psychologists to determine once they’ve captured me…but I digress…

People choose to celebrate Mr Fawkes’ and company’s doomed murder plot in different ways.  Some ceremonially burn effigies of Guy on huge flaming pyres in the night, while children have been known to request a “penny for the guy” in order to fund the purchase of fireworks (this is a rare practice these days, as most people tend to view it as ‘begging’).

Speaking of huge flaming pyres, Lewes in East Sussex really knows how to do a bonfire right:

In addition to having bonfire parties, no Guy Fawkes Night is complete without a fireworks display.  This ranges from lighting off a few bottle rockets in the back garden, to full-on pyrotechnic pageants presented by local councils.

Just check out this display from last year’s celebrations in London:

No matter where or how you choose to celebrate the survival of King James I and the subsequent torture and execution of Mr Fawkes, remember to stay safe tonight.  In other words, make sure that’s an effigy you’re throwing on the flames and not your drunk uncle Dave.

Manchester Airport Wants To Display Your Photos In Terminal 1

Tuesday, March 16th, 2010 by Casey

Manchester Airport, along with BBC Radio Manchester, are looking for photos of the “people and places of Greater Manchester” to feature on permanent display in Terminal 1, and they want the public to decide which images are best.

The chosen images will be enlarged to a floor-to-ceiling size and form part of the new Arrivals Experience in Terminal 1.

MAN T1 arrivals

Terminal 1 will soon host public's choice of photos depicting "the people and places of Manchester"

If you’re interested in taking part, you can submit as many photographs as you want, and they can be current or historical in nature, but you’ll have to hurry because you only have until this Friday, the 19th of March to enter the contest.

All entries must be submitted to Manchester Airport’s Flickr group, where you can also find more details.

And if you’re looking for the cheapest Manchester Airport parking around, be sure to pay a visit.  You might not get your photo displayed in the airport terminal, but the money you’ll save will make you feel like a winner anyway.

Photo taken by Flickr user Terry Wha

Do You Look Like Your Dog? That Won’t Help You Win Crufts

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010 by Casey

This week, the Birmingham NEC will once again play host to the world-famous DFS Crufts dog show, hosted by the UK Kennel Club. Close to 28,000 dogs will be showcased over the four-day event, with the winners in seven pedigree categories going on to compete for the illustrious Best In Show honour.

But where’s the “Dogs Who Look Like Their Owners” category?

Dog lovers from around the world flock to the UK each year, either as spectators or entrants in the Crufts competition, to enjoy the pomp and spectacle. But some of us here at gosimply HQ think it would be even more enjoyable if the powers-that-be created a category for dogs who look like their owners.

Sure, keep recognising the best of the best in the dog world, but why not give some love to those folks who (sometimes inexplicably) resemble their pooches? There are definitely some potential award-winners in this video clip:

So if you’ll be visiting the Crufts event this week, see if you can put a bug in someone’s ear and get the ball rolling on this worthy new category. Let us know how you get on.

And remember, if you’re local to the Birmingham area and planning a trip, check us out for the best deals on Birmingham Airport Parking.  You’ll find we have our own award-winners in APH Birmingham and Meteor Meet and Greet Parking, along with five other car park options and loads of customer reviews.