Do You Look Like Your Dog? That Won’t Help You Win Crufts

Written by Casey

This week, the Birmingham NEC will once again play host to the world-famous DFS Crufts dog show, hosted by the UK Kennel Club. Close to 28,000 dogs will be showcased over the four-day event, with the winners in seven pedigree categories going on to compete for the illustrious Best In Show honour.

But where’s the “Dogs Who Look Like Their Owners” category?

Dog lovers from around the world flock to the UK each year, either as spectators or entrants in the Crufts competition, to enjoy the pomp and spectacle. But some of us here at gosimply HQ think it would be even more enjoyable if the powers-that-be created a category for dogs who look like their owners.

Sure, keep recognising the best of the best in the dog world, but why not give some love to those folks who (sometimes inexplicably) resemble their pooches? There are definitely some potential award-winners in this video clip:

So if you’ll be visiting the Crufts event this week, see if you can put a bug in someone’s ear and get the ball rolling on this worthy new category. Let us know how you get on.

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