gosimply crop circles spotted in UK

Written by Casey

gosimply.com crop circle spotted in rural field…extraterrestial phenomenon or elaborate hoax?

The increasingly ubiquitous “gosimply face” now seems to have been picked up by alien visitors in their attempts to communicate with Earthlings through designs created in unsuspecting farmers’ fields.  While some people are quick to dismiss these giant works of art as nothing more than man-made hoaxes, many believe that UFOs and their otherworldly crews are behind the phenomena.

gosimply.com customer discovers crop circle whilst walking

gosimply.com customer discovers crop circle whilst walking

At present, none of these ET’s have phoned authorities (at home or otherwise) to explain the reasons behind this sudden outbreak of gosimply crop circles.  The Travel Product Authorities here at gosimply HQ, however, have every reason to believe that even life forms from other galaxies have discovered the benefits of using gosimply.com – whether parking their spaceship at the airport, snoozing in an airport hotel, or trying to blend in with us human folk by hiring a car.

In an amazing instance of coincidence, Google is spelling out their logo using the phenomenon of crop circles on the same day that gosimply crop circles have been spotted throughout the UK.We’ve always said that smart people gosimply, and now it appears that even beings of extraterrestrial intelligence do the same.

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