Backpacker Travel Insurance Essential for a Kiwi Christmas

Written by Amie

With more and more of you choosing to take time out and see a little of the world before starting University or work – gap years are a handy opportunity to both gain some real ‘life experience’ and learn more about yourself.

Now summer (for what it was worth) has well and truly passed and the long winter months are approaching – we know many of you are either starting to think about or finalising plans for your globetrotting adventures. Let’s face it – who wouldn’t jump at the chance to dodge a dreary, cold British winter? With this in mind, we thought we’d shed a little light on one of the world’s most diverse and stunning landscapes – New Zealand.backpacker-travel-insurance

Those cheery folk over at the New Zealand tourism authority have recently launched a promotion highlighting the benefits of visiting the land of Kiwi – snappily titled ‘Go All The Way’. The campaign was launched towards the end of September at New Zealand’s first-ever Backpacker Industry Conference held at the Auckland University of Technology (AUT) – in conjunction with a horizontal bungy trial involving  some lucky backpackers, highlighting New Zealand’s appeal as an ‘extreme sports’ destination.

George Hickton, Chief Executive for tourism, said: “Many backpackers from the UK and Europe go as far as Australia in their gap year, but we want to challenge them to complete the journey and `Go All The Way’ by coming down to New Zealand”.

For those of you planning to visit New Zealand (or for that matter Australia) on your travels – our Backpacker travel insurance package is just the ticket. With up to one year’s cover, including optional sports and activities – our travel insurance is as flexible as your travel plans. Oh, and we also offer New Zealand and Australia only cover for cheaper backpacker insurance premiums – how’s that for flexible?

We here at think you could do a lot worse than taking time out to visit one of the most breathtaking set of islands the world has to offer. After all, it’s worth remembering that Director Peter Jackson chose New Zealand as the ideal place to realise the epic, sweeping landscapes of Middle Earth in ‘The Lord of the Rings’ trilogy.

Visit those helpful peeps over at for help on planning your trip.

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