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Our research boffins have been gathering some rather useful information - all to make your life that little bit easier. Located just 32 miles from Glasgow City Centre, Prestwick Airport's convenient location means that there are virtually no traffic congestion hot spots on its main routes making access to the individual car parks hassle free.

  • From Dumfries, Carlisle and the South - Drive north on the A76 (A74) then take the A70, then the A77 roads. From there head north again on the A78 and then go south on the A79 and follow signs to Prestwick Airport.
  • From Glasgow, Edinburgh and the North - Head westwards on the M8 motorway, then go south on the M77. After that you'll need to follow the A77, A78 and A79 until you see the airport signposted.
  • From Girvan and Stranraer - You should drive North on the A77, join the A78 then go south on the A79. From then on just follow signs to the airport.

Please note that the airport's terminal access road now has a new layout, so no drop-off or collection facilities are available at the terminal kerbside. If you need to drop-off and pick-up, there are now facilities in both car parks 1 and 2 which can be used freely for up to 5 minutes at a time. Wikipedia also offers some useful facts on Prestwick Airport including current Airlines and destinations.

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    0.1 miles from Prestwick Airport
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    0.17 miles from Prestwick Airport
  3. Watsons Ayr Park map and directions
    2 miles from Prestwick Airport

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