Because winter isn’t just for skiing…

Written by Amie

The winter holiday season is here once again, a time when many of us are looking to the snowy slopes for that annual dose of fun and frolics en piste.


We’re sure you’ll agree – there’s nothing quite like the exhilaration of flying down a black run with the wind in your hair and the winter sun on your face. Then again, perhaps you’re one of the growing number of intrepid travellers seeking a winter holiday with a difference.

How about a Husky safari? No? Maybe a  tailor made break in the Arctic Circle floats your boat then. No matter what your taste, believe us when we say there’s a whole world of weird and wonderful experiences to be had.  Just check out those lovely, environmentally conscious folk over at to get a taste of what’s on offer – you might be surprised (we were).

Of course if you’re planning to stick to the slopes this season, with our Winter Sports travel insurance package you can enjoy yourself safe in the knowledge that you have full medical, emergency helicopter rescue and equipment cover. Pretty much everything but the kitchen sink then…..

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