Baby Named After Car. Thank Heavens It’s not a Rover!

Written by Casey

A recent birth that occured on the way to the hospital resulted in a rather out-of-the-ordinary baby name this week…

We’ve all heard tales of parents naming children after their place of conception or birth.  Paris and Brooklyn are becoming commonplace; Eel Pie perhaps less so.  The latest addition to this trend is the newborn daughter of Tony Richardson and Samantha Smyth of Poole in Dorset, who’s been named automotively, if you will.

Nice car...but would you name your kid after it?

Nice car...but would you name your kid after it?

When Samantha went into labour two weeks early last Sunday she phoned her mum for a lift, but the tot wouldn’t be patient and came into this world in the car as they arrived at Poole Hospital.  In honour of her early arrival and the unusual location of her birth, her planned name (Tilley) has been changed to Kia (as in Carens).

Now, this got us thinking here at gosimply HQ…if the trend continues, and births occur as couples are leaving on holiday, we might see future generations with boys and girls named after airport parking services.

That’s right, you’ll hear a father at a football match shouting encouragement to feisty little Cosmo Belfast, or you might bump into Maple Manor and her mum whilst they’re out shopping for her first party dress.

Oh yeah, don’t forget the twins…Park N Fly.

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