Over 100 Homeless People Living at Heathrow Airport

Written by Tony

It is estimated that over 100 homeless people are living at Heathrow airport much like the Tom Hanks character in the Spielberg film ‘The Terminal’.

In recent months it has been discovered that over 100 homeless people are permanently residing at the airport and this number is on the increase. As one homeless person has said, Heathrow is like a hotel. It is warm, clean, reasonably safe and has excellent facilities.

Many of these seasoned airport dwellers have developed techniques to avoid detection by airport security staff. They dress like holidaymakers and carry their belongings in suitcases that make them look like travellers using the airport.

Some of the homeless people receive a Giro cheque payment of £60 each week which they must collect from the Samaritans headquarters in central London. This doesn’t go very far being used to buy food and essentials from various airport outlets.

Occasional security sweeps result in many homeless people being ejected, only to return to the warmth and safety of the airport terminals once security is out of the way.

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