The essential adventure travel checklist

Written by Amie

There are few things more invigorating and life-affirming than stepping out from the relative safety of your daily routine and immersing yourself in a full-on, pulse pounding adventure experience.  From riding wild rapids in Sweden through to cattle herding in the wild west – it’s all about the thrills and spills.

Of course, there’s a little more involved with an adventure holiday than your average trip to the beach, so looking ahead is pretty vital.  As ever, we’re here to help with some handy hints and tips during the planning stages of your big trip:

Who’s in charge?
Thankfully, with a wealth of information available via the internet nowadays, research is a whole lot easier than just taking theadventure-travel-insurance-check-list-1 brochure’s word for it.  The flip side of course is that anyone can now create a website posing as a reputable tour operator.  Check out who you’re travelling with – look for independent reviews where possible.  Who are they affiliated with?  Do they employ certified professionals?  Is all equipment regularly tested?

Don’t be afraid to ask – your life may depend on it.

Am I covered?
Our cracking Adventure Travel Insurance package offers great coverage to both independent travellers and groups.  Better still, additional packages and options are available, meaning you can tailor your insurance to suit your own individual experience.  Whatever travel insurance package you choose, don’t be tempted to leave home without it.

I’m sure it’s here somewhere…
No matter where on Earth you’re travelling, it’s always best to double-check documentation and inoculation requirements with the Foreign Office before you leave.  Also, ask whether the country is safe – it may sound silly, but the last thing you need is to get caught up in a military coup whilst on holiday.  We’re pretty sure this would ruin your well-earned break, aside from being a potentially life-threatening situation.  Remember – ignoring Foreign Office advice could render your travel insurance invalid.

How much further…?
No matter how fit you consider yourself to be, your body may not be prepared for the type of activity you’re planning whilst away.  If it’s your first time at your chosen sport, ease yourself in with a few training sessions at the local gym.

So, if you’re considering trying something a little more daring than deciding which flavour doughnut to have during your tea break, take time to check out our new all-singing, all-dancing adventure travel insurance package.   Because smart people gosimply.

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