The London Eye versus Liverpool’s ONE Wheel!

Written by Casey

As much as we’d like to think differently, there’s always been and probably always will be a tangible divide between the North and South of this land.  You may even be able to put forth the argument that there’s some serious one-upsmanship going on.

Gloves at the ready

We like a good bloodbath as much as anybody else, so we’ve decided to pit Liverpool, with it’s “ONE WHEEL” against the “LONDON EYE” to see who packs the best punch.

london eye-2

The London EYE packs a punch

ONE Wheel – 80 metres
London Eye – 135 metres    
Round 1 goes to London

Fighting Weight
ONE Wheel – 365 tonnes
London Eye –  2100 tonnes
Round 2 goes to  London

Number of Gondolas
ONE Wheel – 40
London Eye –  32
Round 3 goes to Liverpool

The Knockout

Apologies to our Northern friends, but the facts support an unequivocal 3-1 London victory.  Then again, that thing is never going to write a classic album like Revolver, so maybe we should call it a draw, eh?

The Rematch

In every great fight, there seems to be a rematch… but what are the grounds?

Liverpool: “We had The Beatles!
London: “Pah! We got The Who!

Liverpool:  “Nothing beats Liverpool Airport parking!”
London: “Oh yeah? Well Gatwick Airport parking is the dog’s…”

Okay, maybe that last one is rather far fetched but it might just add weight as to why these champion cities have such a history of animosity.

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