BBC recommends gosimply for best airport parking deals

Written by Casey

gosimply HQ is abuzz with the news that the BBC’s Working Lunch programme has recommended us for finding the best deals on airport parking.

In the recently-aired working-lunch-bbc-blogsegment, presenter Ben Shore says that if you’re looking to save money (and let’s face it, who isn’t?) then your best bet is to pre-book your airport parking on

Hey, we know there are other so-called “comparison sites” out there (and believe us, we’ve tried them all), but we’re confident there are none easier to use, with more useful information, than gosimply.

So next time you need airport parking, an airport hotel or lounge, worldwide car hire or even a great price on travel insurance, you’ll find no better place online to sort all your travel extras than right here, where you can join the thousands of other smart people who gosimply.

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