New! Interview with Birmingham APH Car park

Written by Casey

APH Parking at Birmingham Airport gives the inside scoop!In our continuing quest to provide you, dear customer, with that special something extra, we are happy to say we now have some “insider info” from APH Birmingham in the form of an interview we recently conducted with them.   Have a look and see what they say makes them different from other car parks, find out the most unusual vehicle they’ve hosted and several other details of interest that you could only get straight from the horse’s mouth.

What’s that?  You want to see some photos of the car park?  Your wish is our command!  We’ve also got some great pics of APH Birmingham‘s car park site, so you can see for yourself that it’s a worthy recipient of our Award for Customer Satisfaction.

Remember to keep a lookout for more interviews and photos in the coming months, as more and more car parks take the opportunity to let you know a little bit more about their services, and why you should choose them for your airport parking needs.

It’s just another reason why smart people gosimply.

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