Gatwick Parking Company Speaks Out to Customers

Written by Tim

It has always been our policy to display customer feedback on, whether good or bad. We don’t hide behind a facade of praise, nor do we intervene with negative reviews. The visitor gets to see what other customers think, as is, and undiluted.

speech-right-to-replyWe recently received some constructive feedback from RS09 Meet and Greet parking at Gatwick Airport about some negative reviews that were posted by customers regarding their service.

Just as customers can have their say on, so too can our suppliers – it’s only fair, and it’s the way we work.

Christopher Smith, Director of RS09 Meet and Greet Parking offered us the following address to Mrs Fox, who had given their service a mediocre rating due to a 30 minute wait and a mark on her car.

Mr Smith commented, “When a customer rings from the baggage hall they are told how long their vehicle will be, if for any reason it is going to take longer than expected due to traffic or an accident etc we will ring the customer and explain the situation and tell them to wait inside and that we will call them as soon as we are outside with there vehicle. If Mrs Fox had noticed damage on her vehicle that she deems to be our fault, why did she not get in contact with us? if she had we would have dealt with her complaint quickly and efficiently.”

Another customer, Miss Shah, gave the Gatwick Airport parking service a lower rating due to the fact that the service took 20 minutes to pick her up.

Mr Smith states, “it does state that it can take 20 minutes to return the vehicle. This however is very rarely the case and only happens when it is out of our control i.e traffic jams, accidents etc. 9 times out of 10 the car is outside within 5 to 10 minutes.”

As with any review system, recommend that as a visitor, you consider the overall picture, taking all reviews into balance. If you find that a product or service seems very biased, for example, scoring 100% from 100’s of customers, question the intention of the website, and cross check with reviews elsewhere.

We would like to thank Mr Smith for his comments.

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