Prestwick Airport Parking Reviews

We've collected over 752 Prestwick Airport Parking reviews from our previous customers, so you can be sure that every review shown on is genuine. We also display both positive and negative reviews, because that's the best way to provide you with a comprehensive and honest overview of each parking service. Prestwick Airport car parks have an average rating of 90% and individual ratings are displayed clearly so you can quickly see which parking services have impressed previous customers the most.

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Watsons Ayr Park reviews
"...Helpful friendly staff had to change cars 48 hrs before travelling which was no problem at all.Transfer went without a hitch..."
94% customer-rating
598 reviews
Short Stay Parking reviews
"...Car park was so close to the Terminal Building that it made access so easy, even with luggage. Procedure for return was also simple. A hassle free experience at a reasonable price..."
81% customer-rating
50 reviews
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Long Stay Parking reviews
"...We followed the instructions on the form to the carpark which was easy to find, but on pressing the telecom button on arrival as directed the assistant could not find our booking, we were asked to contact the service desk who advised would validate our ticket in return. The desk was closed on return but the welcome desk helped & did validate our ticket as we were on the system by the time we returned. The car park seemed ok, it's about 15 minutes walk to the airport terminal & you cannot use trolleys, non provided on the way there, and although provided on way back, the airport stops you from taking them out of the building. Would not recommend to people who have difficulty walking. The walk to the airport wasn't well lit either. I would not consider this to be a cheap deal & wouldn't use it again..."
77% customer-rating
105 reviews

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