Gatwick Airport Parking Arsonist Wanted for £1000 Reward

Written by Tony

A reward of £1000 has been offered for information leading to the conviction of arsonists responsible for a blaze which destroyed 19 travellers cars parked in a car park serving Gatwick Airport.

The fire occurred last Monday night at the Forgewood Industrial Estate near Gatwick Airport. The fire began in the early hours at around 02:30 and quickly spread amongst the tightly parked vehicles. Several cars exploded in the blaze which was attended by four appliances from West Sussex Fire and Rescue service who’d been called by a passer by.

The company responsible for parking the cars on behalf of travellers have issued a statement expressing their disgust with this mindless arson attack and offering their apologies to those whose cars may have been damaged. Gatwick Airport parking customers affected by this attack were assured that they would be provided with free car hire to get them home.

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