gosimply In The News – August 2010

Written by Casey

Now that we’ve reached the middle of August, we thought it would be a good time to highlight some of the very tasteful and intelligent news services that have recognised gosimply.com as a great website to visit to compare airport parking.

gosimply.com have been recommended again

The Crafty Traveller at the Mail Online wrote a terrific article last week giving tips on how to keep your holiday costs down.  Lo and behold, gosimply.com was singled out for having “loads of revealing customer reviews”.  When recommending airport parking price comparison services, the author also praised gosimply as “one of the best“, and said we were a great source for valet parking services to boot.

Then, just as our smiles about that glowing review began to fade a bit, along came a piece on the Mirror.co.uk website titled “20 ways to cut the cost of your holiday“.   Number 4 included a recommendation for travellers to visit gosimply.com to search for the best on and off-site airport parking deals at UK airports.

It always means a lot to us when we receive these kinds of kudos, because they confirm for us that we’re doing things right, and that we’re helping thousands of customers save money on not only their airport parking, but airport hotels, lounges, travel insurance and car hire too.

We’ve always believed it, and the national press continue to agree – smart people gosimply.

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