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We always appreciate it whenever a bona fide money-saving expert recommends gosimply.com (by that, we mean money-saving experts that aren’t biased towards companies that “support” his website) – so we’re over the moon that the guardian.co.uk gave us their royal seal of approval in a recent travel write up.

Don't get ripped off. Book in advance and save a packet

Don't get ripped off. Book in advance to save a packet on airport parking.

In the recent article, “Where to park and not get taken for a ride”, Marc Lockley, writer of guardian.co.uk’s money-saving column, The Negotiator, recommended to his readers that they “keep checking gosimply.com” to find the best available prices for airport car parking.

Marc also noted that we had the best price for Manchester Airport parking, which was a lovely thing to announce, but won’t be a surprise to our loyal customers.

The savviest travellers know that paying standard gate prices at airport car parks is not the best idea when you’re trying to stay within budget. Pre-booking your parking at the airport will not only be easier on your wallet, but guarantee your space, too. Remember also that the sooner you book, the more you’re likely to save.

We’re dedicated to providing travellers with the very best service on all of the products we offer, so next time you want the cheapest airport parking, be sure to take an expert’s advice and book it in advance with gosimply.com.

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