Parking at the Airport? Make Sure Your Tax Disc is Valid!

Written by Casey

The UK is home to some of the busiest airports anywhere, and all of those travellers want to make sure their holidays start off as smoothly as possible.  Some will book a pre-flight stay at an airport hotel, or make sure they find the best deal on airport parking.  Sometimes, though, overlooking certain things during preparations can result in a major headache later on.

car tax disc

An expired tax disc can cause airport parking headaches!

For instance, did you know that virtually all airport car parks will turn away vehicles if they are not displaying a valid tax disc?  This is especially true of Meet and Greet parking operators, whose employees would be driving your vehicle illegally out on the road.  If you’re turned away at your pre-booked car park, you might be able to find another one in time to make your flight, but you’ll be incurring additional expense before you’ve even left the ground.  That’s not to mention the stress you’ll be putting on yourself…not the ideal way to start a relaxing holiday!

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