Which? Airport Parking Is Cheapest? Check All The Facts

Written by Casey

A new survey by Which? Car magazine indicates the cost of airport parking is “ridiculously high”…but are they giving you the full story?

BBC News reports that the magazine checked prices for 7 days’ parking at major airports across the UK, and found that there were big differences in cost depending on the location.  For example, Which? found that the most expensive parking option was Heathrow’s Business Parking at £88.70, and the cheapest was Manchester Airport’s “park-and-ride” at £19.84.

Now that’s a huge difference, indeed.  Of course, not all car parks are created equal and you’ll find different levels of service offered, which also affects price.  So perhaps it’s not entirely fair to compare apples to oranges.

You also might find that you get what you pay for when you’re looking for cheap airport parking.  Sure, Farmer Giles is offering you a space for £5.00 less than an “official” car park, but the thing is, you might be leaving your vehicle in the middle of an alfalfa field with cow security guards.  (For the record, gosimply.com offer only reputable airport car parking services, and we are not affiliated with Farmer Giles or his bovine friends.)

The cheapest airport parking deals can be found with gosimply.com

The cheapest airport parking deals can be found with gosimply.com

Prices for Liverpool, Bristol and Belfast International were also quoted, but there may be a slight problem…

The news report doesn’t mention what dates or times were surveyed, and as anyone who regularly uses airport parking knows, prices can fluctuate depending on the time of year you need to park.

Let’s look at Manchester Airport parking, for example.  Which?’s survey found that the cheapest price was £19.84, but when you conduct a search for 7 days’ parking (7-13 June) on gosimply.com you’ll see there are two options that cost less at the time of this writing.

The survey also showed that Belfast International had deals on off-site parking that started at £21.00, but a quick search with us reveals an option for £18.00.

The bottom line is, it’s best to check all the facts before you book your airport parking.  The best way to do that is by comparing prices at all of the best car parks, using a website that is unbiased, lets you read legitimate customer reviews, and actually compares several different sellers.  A “one-stop shop”, if you will, where you know you’ll find the best deal on airport parking without having to check anywhere else on the web.

Now how convenient is this?:  You’re already here.  😉

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