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Written by Kate Goldstone

One of the most popular resources on our airport parking website is the reviews section. It’s packed with honest, genuine reviews from real people, who rate the parking facilities across all Britain’s major airports according to the quality of the transfers and facilities as well as the prices and service. Here’s an example:

“This was the first time that I had used Purple Parking Business and the service proved to be first rate. Check in and transfer to the departure terminal was efficient and very speedy. On my return to Heathrow I made the required phone call and the pick up bus arrived in about 5 minutes, took me back to the parking area where my car was lined up awaiting collection. Could maybe find a cheaper parking option but would not get a better service.”

This week we thought we’d provide a run-down of the performance delivered by one of the nation’s biggest and busiest airports, Heathrow, exploring what our customers think of Purple’s Heathrow airport parking facilities. The results, we think, make interesting reading and prove that, while there’s always room for improvement, everyone’s experience is different.

Purple Parking

Purple Parking at Heathrow Airport

Why does it matter? The companies whose products we sell take notice of reviews, using any trends that become apparent to improve their services and facilities in future. And this in turn has a positive knock-on effect for the business travellers who buy discounted airport parking through our site.

Everyone appreciates hassle-free parking and transfers, especially when you have to travel long distances for work on a regular basis, have a long drive ahead, have been travelling for hours, have the kids with you or are on your way to or from a well-deserved holiday. Next time you use our site to buy bargain parking, why not leave a review and help make things even better?

About Purple Parking at Heathrow – Business Parking Experts

Purple Parking Business is a high-tech undercover multi-storey car park with state-of-the-art CCTV and the very latest barrier technology. You can find out the fine details about what they provide on our special Purple Parking Business page.

Our site contains an impressive 1049 reviews for the service at the time of writing this post. Purple enjoys an overall rating of 82% with no wholly negative reviews and just 8% billed as ‘neutral’. There are plenty of 100% reviews, where users are perfectly happy and even completely delighted. But are there any discernible patterns as regards particularly negative or positive comments, things to watch out for if you’re planning to use Purple Parking at Heathrow?

Overall scores

The overall scores for Purple Parking are pretty good.

  • Transfers 66%
  • Facilities 87%
  • Price 83%
  • Service 83%

As you can see, the overall scores reviewers have given the service fall down in just one key area:  transfers. With more than 80% in the other categories, a 66% rating for transfers isn’t so good. But like all good businesses, Purple always do their best to make changes where it really matters, and airport parking reviews like ours are helping them to do exactly that.


Purple Parking Airport Transfer Bus

Purple Parking Airport Parking Minibus

Bus transfer delays on collection and return – An unhappy minority

Looking at the past few months’ worth of reviews there seems to have been an issue around bus transfers, with several people being left out in the cold for 30 minutes or more waiting for the bus, and some left hanging on while the bus transfer people failed to answer the phone.  On the other hand plenty of customers have said the shuttle buses are both frequent and efficient, with positive reviews far outnumbering less positive experiences. It appears reacting to issues pointed out by reviewers is having a positive effect on service quality.

Rude drivers – But most people found the staff extremely helpful

A few people recently found the transfer bus drivers less than polite. But the majority have found the staff at Purple Parking courteous, friendly and helpful. One customer even revealed how staff had gone out of their way to drop them at their hotel, saving them a whole lot of time and hassle.

“We were greeted by name by an extremely polite and helpful member of staff. Both transfers went smoothly and our car was all ready to drive away. Everyone we dealt with was friendly, will definitely use again. Thanks Purple Business Parking for making the beginning and end of our holiday a relaxing and hassle free experience.”

A Mr Dennis, who had obviously used the service before, commented that, “the company continues to improve with more real people on the ground these days making for much better customer experience.”

Heathrow Airport Purple Parking

Purple Parking at Heathrow Airport

Heathrow airport business parking prices

Very few people tend to express an opinion about Purple’s prices. A few mention it’s a bit expensive, but they add the caveat that it’s worth it for the sheer convenience and the time the service saves them.

Several people actually remarked on the good value for money the service represents, which is particularly apparent when everything goes perfectly to plan: the better the service people experience, the less bothered they are by the cost. According to one reviewer, “Could maybe find a cheaper parking option but would not get a better service.”

Heathrow Airport - Purple Parking Location

Purple Parking Heathrow Map Location

Finding the right place

Most people seem to find the Purple Heathrow parking facilities very easily, with problems only occurring when there were roadworks in the local area. It looks like their signage does a good job, a challenge when the area around an airport is often a complex hell of different signage and you need to keep your eyes peeled!

Transfer bus standards

Most people seem to find the transfer buses comfortable and clean, although one reviewer found their bus dirty and scruffy. Perhaps Purple had an off day?

The fine art of making good use of reviews

The great thing about having hundreds of reviews to read is you get an accurate overall picture. It makes much more sense than trying to glean conclusions from just a handful of opinions. One tip: more than 1000 reviews mean they go back some time. It’s probably best to check out the first few pages rather than delve too deep into the past, where the reviews people left are probably out of date.

4 tips for the perfect airport parking experience

  1. Check out the alternatives available at your chosen airport
  2. Every provider is different, so read their business page on our site so you know exactly what to expect and how the service works
  3. Make sure you arrive in good time
  4. Leave a review on our site afterwards so the company can take steps to improve areas where they’re not 100% perfect
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