Turkish Delights As a Winter Getaway

Written by Andy - 17.01.14

Christmas has come and gone, and left us a little worse for wear in both the state of mind and in the pocket, but why not consider a holiday to Turkey, one of the cheaper destinations around Europe and not too far from home, and the great weather just [...] Continue Reading…


If your new year resolution is to travel and see more of this big beautiful world of ours, then you have come to the right place.

With so many places to go and so little time – and more often than not money – it’s often hard know where to [...] Continue Reading…


For our Friday dream holidays, we take a look at Hawaii, known to many of us today as a collection of tropical island paradises, where lots of hula girls play ukulele in grass skirts and coconut bras – but these islands have a much more firey, raw past that [...] Continue Reading…


A trip to Disney World Florida

Written by Andy - 23.12.13

Do your children like Disney films perchance? Are you a big kid yourself deep down and just waiting for an excuse to take the family on a holiday to Disney World?

What better excuse than Christmas! Take the whole family on a fun, action packed, amazing holiday to the capital [...] Continue Reading…


The Volcanoes of Indonesia

Written by Andy - 16.12.13

Indonesia is home to the largest number of active volcanoes on the planet, with a whopping 150 spread across the 17,000 islands that make up its landmass.

With such famous massive volcanic eruption taking place in this region such as ‘krakatoa’ and ‘Toba’- both causing devastation and destruction on a [...] Continue Reading…


An Outdoor Holiday in Alaska

Written by Andy - 02.12.13

Alaska is the biggest state in North America, spanning over a massive 663,268 square miles of pure, raw untouched wilderness. Not for the faint hearted, Alaska is a mesmerising place with some of the most tremendous scenery etched out of numerous ice ages.

With a plethora of outdoor pursuits to [...] Continue Reading…


Valentine’s Day in Paris

Written by Andy - 25.11.13

Sophisticated and scenic, cosmopolitan and iconic, the ultimate way to warm the soul during the cold winter months is undoubtedly a passionate Parisian getaway during the season of love. Paris is the definitive destination to send Cupids arrow through the heart, or just an inspiringly beautiful setting to spend [...] Continue Reading…


When you fly from a UK airport to anywhere in the world, you will automatically pay Air Passenger Duty (APD). What was in 1994 an extra £10 tax on long-haul flying has soared to, in some cases, an up to an extra £188 per seat.
The UK government makes £2.8 [...] Continue Reading…


The Magic of the Northern Lights

Written by Andy - 22.11.13

The Northern Lights are one of nature’s most beautiful displays, mystical and hypnotising, giving the appearance of another worldly presence. Swirling colours sweeping, like a living, breathing, giant painting that fills the sky. Photographs of this cerebral piercing show do not do it justice. Seeing it in its full [...] Continue Reading…


Mountain Biking in Canada

Written by Andy - 18.11.13

If you like mountain biking, whether you are a complete beginner or an expert, Canada has some of the most incredible trails in the world. There is so much choice and so many bike parks, not to mention all the companies that you can arrange your trip with. Focusing [...] Continue Reading…