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With our great selection of Glasgow Airport hotels, each one offering different amenities, you might think it will be a headache to find the right one. Follow these tips and you'll quickly find the perfect hotel for your needs at the best price.

  • Sort the hotels by what's important to you. Our availability screen lets you quickly sort the Glasgow Airport hotels by name, star rating, distance to the airport, customer rating, and by price.
  • Check customer reviews. We feel an important factor in choosing a great airport hotel is hearing what others who have stayed there have to say. Each hotel's Customer Rating is a result of the reviews it's received, so if you don't have time to read each review you can still tell at a glance what the consensus is.
  • View the airport map. Our Glasgow airport map shows you the location of each Glasgow Airport hotel in relation to the airport; another way we can help you select the most convenient option.
  • Important Information. Pay special attention to a hotel's important information section. That's where we'll tell you about things like room configurations, seasonal changes in service and anything else you may need to know to get the most out of your stay.

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Our Super Saver offers can save you around 30% on your booking, giving you more money to take with you on your trip. We can't tell you the name of the hotel until you receive your confirmation email, but we do let you know its star rating, distance from the airport, and other details like transfer information and the amenities on offer.

It makes good sense to pre-book a Hotel at Glasgow Airport. Not only are you guaranteed that the room you want will be ready and waiting when you arrive, but you can avoid the possibility of being charged a premium rate by just turning up on the day.

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We can help you decide on a hotel that suits your needs before you've even conducted a search. Using our comparison, you can quickly evaluate the amenities offered by each Glasgow Airport hotel, along with their distances from the airport, check-in times and Customer Ratings. That way, when you've conducted a search you'll know exactly which hotel you want...even your second choice if the first isn't available, so you're not only saving money, but time too.

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  • Choice - What's most important to you in an airport hotel? A swimming pool? Internet access? Early breakfast times? We've got a Glasgow Airport hotel that will meet your needs. Some hotels even offer packages that include breakfast or dinner, meaning that the already great price you're paying gives you even more value for money. The best thing is that all of this information is presented clearly, so you know exactly what you're getting.

As well as hotels at Glasgow Airport we also offer Edinburgh Airport Hotels and Aberdeen Airport Hotels.

We like it when things add up - life is so much more simple when things go according to plan. We here at gosimply HQ devote a lot of time and effort towards ensuring things are as simple as possible which is why we've sorted, rated and found the very best prices on these Glasgow Airport hotels.

Premier Inn
3 star hotel
86% customer-rating 3 reviews
The Premier Inn at Glasgow Airport is located just off the M8 motorway and within walking distance of the terminal, making it a convenient, affordable option for your stopover.
0.40 miles from airport
Express by Holiday Inn
3 star hotel
83% customer-rating 16 reviews
Enjoy excellent service and just a 2 minute walk to the airport terminal via a covered walkway when you stay at the Glasgow Airport Express by Holiday Inn.
0.68 miles from airport
Normandy Hotel
3 star hotel
82% customer-rating 62 reviews
Glasgow's Normandy Hotel is a great place to spend a relaxing night, and since it's only one mile away from Glasgow Airport, you won't have to rush to make your flight.
1.21 miles from airport
Holiday Inn
4 star hotel
80% customer-rating 34 reviews
Stay at the Glasgow Airport Holiday Inn and you won't have to worry about making it to the airport on time - it's located directly opposite the terminal!
0.53 miles from airport
Ramada Hotel
3 star hotel
79% customer-rating 9 reviews
The Glasgow Airport Ramada Hotel is a contemporary, comfortable hotel located just a half-mile from the airport, meaning you get to enjoy a quick and hassle-free transfer.
0.73 miles from airport
Erskine Bridge Hotel
3 star hotel
74% customer-rating 43 reviews
The Glasgow Erskine Bridge Hotel is situated in eighteen acres of parkland on the banks of the River Clyde, plus it's conveniently located to Glasgow Airport.
2.96 miles from airport
3 star hotel
73% customer-rating 15 reviews
Experience comfort at a value price when you book a room at the Glasgow Airport Travelodge - plus you won't have to worry about rushing for your flight because the airport is only 500 yards away.
0.73 miles from airport

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Recommended hotels near Glasgow Airport

Our research boffins have been busy gathering useful information on the hotels serving Glasgow Airport - all to make your life that little bit easier. Whether you're a holiday-maker or a business traveller, we can help you get the best deal on a hotel located at or near Glasgow Airport. No matter if you're looking for 4-star luxury or more basic accommodation, have a look at our suggestions and ensure your trip starts on a positive note.

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hotel reviews

...Bar prices a bit extortionate. Otherwise no salient cost issue. Booking ourselves in was very efficient and friendly. Booking the car was a negative memorable experience with a long wait until the mini-bus driver returned from the airport. Booking in cars could easily be done.....

Mr Gardner - Normandy Hotel

...Good value for money considering cost of car parking alone Ideal for early morning flights especially when transfers are included..

Mr Fairbairn - Normandy Hotel

...Not wishing to really pick holes in things I will go from the dinning room to the bar for a drink. i did object being charged 70p for brining the drink 50 yards into the dining room..

Mr Little - Normandy Hotel

...excellent hotel and good value for money will definately visit again and use parking and transfer facilities to and from airport, first class service..

Ms Meikle - Normandy Hotel

...We stayed the night before an early morning flight.hotel is 10 minutes drive to the airport,great accomodation,14 days car parking, transfers to airport and back to hotel all included in the price 62 for three adults bargain...

Mr Kendall - Erskine Bridge Hotel

...A great place to stay the night before early morning flights. Staff all very helpful and frindly.The inn was undergoing refurbishment at the time otherwise the cleanliness wouls have been best also..

Mr Wilson - Premier Inn

...pleasent staff and good rooms just what we required before going on holiday especially when the flight was early am. great to have somewhere to safely leave the car and quick and easy to pick it up again. THANKS..

Mr Forbes - Normandy Hotel

...One of the things i found annoying was that they had put tea and coffee facilities hidding in a cupboard and i only found them in the morning when i was about to leave for flight. The only other thing was that on the return shuttle to hotel other people had there car sitting.....

Mr Grant - Normandy Hotel

...great location no transfers needed clean and comfortable perfect for short stays..

Mrs Bethune - Holiday Inn

...we have been to this hotel a few times ,the reason being: 1)it's not far from the airport, 2)the staff are really friendly , 3)food is delicious, 4)rooms are nice and beds are so comfy I can go on boasting.....

Mrs Chalmers - Normandy Hotel

182 Glasgow Airport hotel reviews with an average rating of 80%

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