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...Fantastic hotel we used the park and fly part and it was an excellent service..

Mr Clarke - Hilton Garden Inn Hotel

...After a busy week leading up to our holiday we arrived quite late at the hotel to find friendly, helpful staff. Plenty of room to park the car in a safe environment. A lovely clean room with a very comfortable bed and an excellent shower. Efficient taxi service. It really took.....

Ms Kiddier - Hilton Garden Inn Hotel

...The reception staff ran through all the necessary information very efficiently and was courteous and welcoming. We did not need to ask any questions. Helpful vouchers for transfer with exact instructions on how to book return transfer. The rooms were exceptionally.....

Ms Wrenn - Hilton Garden Inn Hotel

...Very well organised parking and transfers to the airport and back. Extremally helpful staff both at the hotel and the car park!..

Agnieszka - Holiday Inn

...Only booked this at last minute and was so glad we did, had a good night sleep before flying. I also used the airport parking that is optional and it took all the hasstle out of our journey. Would definitely stay there again. There was a party at the hotel so I wasn't.....

Mrs Sly - Hilton Garden Inn Hotel

...the hotel is right by the airport so you can stroll around to the terminal easily..

Mr Jones - Holiday Inn Express

...We did drive to the hotel before being told that we had to drive back to where we had come from as the parking facility is near the M1. We were taken back to hotel by bus & dropped outside the Holiday Inn Express just around the corner. Were a bit confused where to catch.....

Mrs Wellington - Ibis Hotel Luton

...Good nights sleep ,no rush to get to the airport, what a good way to start your holiday...

Mr Skrobacz - Holiday Inn Express

...The hotel is within easy walking distance of the airport. Staff were pleasant and the rooms clean...

Mrs Pearce - Ibis Hotel Luton

...i used this hotel for overnight stay before going on a cruise from southampton and enjoyed the whole experience and would use again..

Mr Mann - Holiday Inn Express

252 Luton Airport hotel reviews with an average rating of 81%

Choose the right hotel for Luton Airport. We've rated every hotel based on customer feedback and the facilities it has on offer, including gym equipment, swimming pools, internet access and transport arrangements to Luton Airport. All reviews are honest and undiluted so you know exactly what our previous customers think and what you can expect when you arrive.

We all know that price is important when it comes to choosing a suitable Luton hotel, but what do you get for your money?. Choosing from the 12 Luton Airport hotels on offer doesn't have to be difficult. Try these time savings tips:

  • Quick Transfers. Avoid long transfers on a shuttle bus. Check the hotel's distance from the airport. The Express by Holiday Inn and Ibis Hotels are less than one mile from Luton Airport's terminal.
  • Essential Fitness. Your regular workout needn't suffer. For some last minute fitness try the the Hilton Garden Inn, which features Precor® cardio machines and a nice selection of weight equipment. The Days Inn Luton has a LivingWell Health Club right next door with special rates for hotel guests. Beach body here we come!
Cheap hotel Luton Airport

Luton Hotels on a Budget

Sometimes you may not be as concerned about staying in a luxurious hotel as you are about just getting some much-needed rest prior to your journey. If you don't mind a low-frills experience, allow us to suggest these Luton Airport hotels:

Budget accommodation near Luton Airport
  • The Ibis Hotel and Travelodge at Luton may not have fitness centres or swimming pools, but you can still get a bite to eat for breakfast, or have an evening meal in their on-site restaurants. Get a clean, comfortable room and save some money to spend on other parts of your trip.
  • Super Saver Hotels Means Big Savings. Pre-booking your stay through already saves you up to 60%, but choose a Super Saver hotel and we can save you even more! We'll show you the amenities the hotel has to offer, and the hotel name will be revealed in your booking confirmation.
Leisure hotels near Luton Airport

Luton Hotels for leisure

Looking for a bit of pampering to start your holiday early? Try these Luton Hotels:

Luton Hotels with leisure facilities

The Menzies Strathmore Hotel features the outstanding Waves Health and Leisure Club. Here you'll be able to enjoy a gym workout, swim a few lengths in the indoor pool or just unwind in the sauna. There is even a range of beauty treatments available.

Another great choice for a luxurious pre-flight stay is the Luton Airport Holiday Inn. Here you'll find an indoor swimming pool, jacuzzi, sauna, steam room, gym, dance studio, solarium, and there's even an in-house beauty therapist and beauty salon.

Here at gosimply HQ we love nothing more than treating our customers to the finer things in life. No, not posh champagne breakfasts or indeed a nice massage (although we could be persuaded) - just the finest Luton Airport hotel prices available.

Hilton Garden Inn Hotel
3 star hotel
94% customer-rating 16 reviews
The Hilton Garden Inn offers the latest in comfort and technology, ensuring you have a great night's sleep before your journey from Luton Airport.
2.54 miles from airport
Premier Inn Dunstable South
3 star hotel
89% customer-rating 6 reviews
Offering great value-for-money, the Premier Inn Dunstable South (formerly the Hemel Express by Holiday Inn) is only a short distance from Luton Airport.
4.37 miles from airport
Holiday Inn
3 star hotel
86% customer-rating 26 reviews
Formerly the Luton Moat House, the Holiday Inn Luton South is a modern hotel offering full leisure facilities and easy access to Luton Airport.
4.55 miles from airport
Holiday Inn Express
3 star hotel
81% customer-rating 113 reviews
Stay at the Airport Express by Holiday Inn and you'll be right next door to Luton Airport. Spend a relaxing night before your flight and don't worry about rushing for your flight in the morning.
0.55 miles from airport
Luton Travelodge
3 star hotel
80% customer-rating 13 reviews
The Luton Travelodge (formerly the Regent Lodge) is located just off the M1, a few minutes away from Luton Airport, making it an affordable, convenient option for a night's rest before a flight.
4.42 miles from airport
Days Inn Hotel
3 star hotel
80% customer-rating 38 reviews
Enjoy a relaxing night's rest in one of the Days Inn Hotel's modern, comfortable rooms and wake up refreshed and ready for your flight from Luton Airport.
2.17 miles from airport
Ibis Hotel Luton
2 star hotel
74% customer-rating 27 reviews
If you're on a budget, the Luton Airport Ibis Hotel offers cheap and basic accommodation less than half a mile from the airport.
0.64 miles from airport
Aubrey Park Hotel
3 star hotel
73% customer-rating 9 reviews
Set in large, landscaped gardens, the Aubrey Park hotel is located within easy access of the M1, M25 and Luton Airport. Experience great service and relax in comfort before your flight.
6.35 miles from airport
Chiltern Hotel
3 star hotel
65% customer-rating 3 reviews
The Luton Airport Chiltern Hotel is within easy access of the M1 and Luton Airport, making it a convenient, comfortable choice for an overnight stay before an early flight.
3.79 miles from airport
Menzies Strathmore Hotel
3 star hotel
65% customer-rating 1 review
The Menzies Strathmore Hotel (formerly the Thistle Hotel Luton) is located in the heart of a busy shopping centre overlooking Saint George Square, making it an excellent choice for a Luton Airport stopover.
2.12 miles from airport
Hemel Central Express by Holiday Inn
3 star hotel
awaiting reviews
The Hemel Central Express by Holiday Inn is a modern, convenient option for an overnight stay.
10.55 miles from airport
Ibis Hotel Stevenage
2 star hotel
awaiting reviews
Travellers on a budget will find good, basic accommodation with easy access to local attractions at the Ibis Stevenage Hotel.
7.28 miles from airport

As well as hotels near Luton Airport, we also compare hotel prices and features at other London airports including Gatwick Hotels, Heathrow Hotels, Stansted Airport Hotels and London City Airport Hotels.

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