Luton Airport Hotel Reviews

We like to offer a transparent service, therefore we show both the positive and negative reviews for each hotel serving Luton Airport. So far we've collected 252 Luton Airport hotel reviews from our previous customers to provide you with a comprehensive and genuine overview of each hotel. Luton Airport hotels have an average rating of 81% and individual ratings are displayed clearly so you can quickly see which hotels have impressed previous customers the most.

Aubrey Park Hotel reviews
3 star hotel
73% customer rating 9 reviews
"1. Our Taxi for the airport was not ordered until 5 minutes before we expected to leave the Hotel. 2. Our Room Service bill was incorrect and needed changing. 3. Our bed was lumpy and uncomfortable. We have discussed all the above with the Hotel."
Chiltern Hotel reviews
3 star hotel
65% customer rating 3 reviews
"I was not happy as on arriving at the Chiltern at 10pm I was informed there was a problem with the room and told we had been booked into another hotel, when we finally arrived at the other hotel we were told that the lift was broken and our room was on the top floor (attic) the room was cold, the shower pressure was rubbish and in the end we left at 3am as we were not able to sleep. It would have been nice if the Chiltern could have rang us so we could decide whether to cancel and drive to the airport from home or chose our own alternative accommodation"
Days Inn Hotel reviews
3 star hotel
80% customer rating 38 reviews
"Poor service, no bar staff, everything took ages, trainee left on own to cope, told food stops at 10 so ordered at 9.30 and heard chef screaming to trainee to F off as kitchen was shut! Do yourself a favour and go elsewhere"
Hilton Garden Inn Hotel reviews
3 star hotel
94% customer rating 16 reviews
"After a busy week leading up to our holiday we arrived quite late at the hotel to find friendly, helpful staff. Plenty of room to park the car in a safe environment. A lovely clean room with a very comfortable bed and an excellent shower. Efficient taxi service. It really took the hassle out of traveling to and from the airport. We would definitely use this hotel again."
Holiday Inn reviews
3 star hotel
86% customer rating 26 reviews
"Hotel is fine and would use again. The night shift staff on that day had a lot to be desired. She argued that I had not picked up the phone when the call was made. There was no call. Surely knowing you were to catch a flight a little more effort to wake you would have been reasonable to expect.I then arrived at the exit barrrier had to reverse go back to reception to find out how to get out. I was told the code is on the door. Like I would have known to look their."
Holiday Inn Express reviews
3 star hotel
81% customer rating 113 reviews
"We used the hotel / airport parking package through Air Parks. This made our travel experience relaxed and enjoyable. The hotel couldn't really be faulted. The staff were pleasant and helpful. Free Wi-Fi, good breakfast and the evening meal / snack was surprisingly good and reasonably priced. Would definitely recommend and use again."
Ibis Hotel Luton reviews
2 star hotel
74% customer rating 27 reviews
"The initial parking and transfer to hotel was first class. However, when I wanted to be picked up in the morning from the hotel bus stop, the bus didn't stop as it was already full. I ended up walking (only about 5 minutes to terminal) which was ok for me but probably not everyone. I think this aspect of customer care has been over looked."
Luton Travelodge reviews
3 star hotel
80% customer rating 13 reviews
"We found it noisey through the night with the M1 and the comings and goings of the customers.Not the Hotels fault just inconsiderate people. Airparks once again was perfect. Spot on Guys, 3rd time we have used you and we will be back."
Menzies Strathmore Hotel reviews
3 star hotel
65% customer rating 1 review
"Staff very helpful. Only bar snacks available because it was Sunday night - maybe this should be pointed out on booking. Hotel generally looking a bit tired."
Premier Inn Dunstable South reviews
3 star hotel
89% customer rating 6 reviews
"Whole package was perfect and a great price. We were heartily welcomed at the hotel even though we eventually checked in during the middle of the night. The fact that breakfast was included was a good bonus."

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