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...Room was good, transfer from hotel to airport and back good. Car was ready on returning from hoilday. The meal in the Indian Restaurant was very good and good service. All in all would stay there again...

Mrs Butcher - Sky Plaza Hotel

...The car parking /bus transfer is very good .The hotel is rather jaded but clean. The music in the bar/restaurant was far too loud restricting conversation...

Mr Beynon - Sky Plaza Hotel

...The hotel had seen better days and could do with a facelift I understand they have had trouble with flooding. The bathroom was not up to standerd, but on a posetive note the staff were very helpful and breakfast was fine..

Mrs Booth - Sky Plaza Hotel

...Excellent value and extremely convenient for the airport. Very quiet considering it was so close to the airport with an all night shuttle service. The arrangements were simple over the internet with instant confirmation. The staff were friendly, and the shuttle service was.....

Mr Griffiths - Sky Plaza Hotel

...Allowed to check in early as room was ready and we had arrived early.Lovely room with a really generous and soft double bed. Small selection of toiletries in bathroom made life easier. Bathroom and shower ok. View not important if the room is for sleeping.Excellent stopover...

Ms S - Sky Plaza Hotel

...Good security and excellent service for shuttle to airport. Hotel room had all we needed but it would have been nice if a prepacked continental breakfast could have been provided the night before since our early departure was before breakfast was served...

Mr Vernon - Sky Plaza Hotel

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Sky Plaza Hotel
3 star hotel
80% customer-rating 14 reviews
1.36 miles from airport
Holiday Inn Express
3 star hotel
92% customer-rating 4 reviews
0.71 miles from airport

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