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...It now has a feeling that you have started your holiday as soon as you arrive at the Cambridge which was nice will use again next time I fly from gatwick..

Mr Ross - Cambridge Hotel

...Very convenient and lovely staff. The room was comfortable and clean. Everything was good! If I am going to be picky, the fan in the bathroom and was rather loud and took a long time to stop after switching the light off. Also people are in and out but I guess that is the.....

Miss Babouri - Cambridge Hotel

...Even with a 9am flight, being close to the airport the night before took a lot of stress away and a few extra hours in bed. The hotel was friendly, rooms clean and service very good. The bus shuttle that picked you up just outside reception runs every 15min at a cost of 3 per.....

Mrs Gallagher - Holiday Inn

...We have no problems with Courtyard; it's the second time we have used them. Our only issue this time was our car was badly parked. We had to push it out of the bay to get in!..

Ms Butcher - Courtyard by Marriott

...Room Spotless. Check in good. onsite parking non existent as most of car park given to rental companies. Opted for off site parking very efficient as desk in hotel. transfer slow but only a 10 min walk to south terminal.Bar very expensive. Did not eat at hotel..

Mr Inglis - Courtyard by Marriott

...Efficient room and car check in however we were informed that if we wanted our car to meet us outside the terminal it would be an extra 16.95 rather than us collect it from the hotel car park. That is for a 2 minute drive! Additionally we walked to the terminal rather than.....

Penthelisia - Courtyard by Marriott

...basc no nonsense good room, clean tidy,good bathroom, tea and coffee makeing stuf in room. good parking good transfer to airport. alltogether very pleased, would use again...

Mr Hollingsworth - Cambridge Hotel

...Unfortunately our overnight stay at the Moat House( and I suspect for many other guests too) was spoiled by a very large group of young and extremely noisy and unruly Chinese children, running up and down corridors, shouting and generally making a nuisance of themselves until.....

Mrs Hopper - Moat House Hotel

...Convenient location for Gatwick Airport. Transfer system to airport was efficient and staff helpful. Our room was a good size and clean. We ate in the restaurant which was good. Would certainly use this hotel again if flying from Gatwick...

M Markie - Copthorne Hotel

...From when I arrived and parked I was on holiday. No worries about car, it was all taken care of and staff clearly explained the transfer and collection process. The transfer was prompt and comfortable and on our return we were collected within 10 mins. Highly recommend for.....

Miss Walters - Cambridge Hotel

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Whether you're travelling for business, leisure or simply need to find the cheapest Gatwick hotel and parking deals around - our recommendations will help you save money and start your trip in style.

Hilton Hotel
4 star hotel
82% customer-rating 93 reviews
0.73 miles from airport
Crowne Plaza Hotel
4 star hotel
89% customer-rating 26 reviews
2.19 miles from airport
Holiday Inn Gatwick Worth Hotel
4 star hotel
awaiting reviews
3.05 miles from airport
Mercure Hotel
4 star hotel
83% customer-rating 91 reviews
0.81 miles from airport
Sofitel Hotel
4 star hotel
89% customer-rating 59 reviews
0.36 miles from airport
Ramada Plaza Hotel
4 star hotel
85% customer-rating 50 reviews
2.04 miles from airport
Gatwick Arora Hotel
4 star hotel
90% customer-rating 68 reviews
3.08 miles from airport
Menzies London Gatwick Hotel
4 star hotel
68% customer-rating 102 reviews
1.85 miles from airport
Copthorne Hotel
4 star hotel
79% customer-rating 26 reviews
2.73 miles from airport
Courtyard by Marriott
4 star hotel
86% customer-rating 26 reviews
0.20 miles from airport
Copthorne Effingham Hotel
4 star hotel
79% customer-rating 69 reviews
3.78 miles from airport
Felbridge Hotel
4 star hotel
82% customer-rating 5 reviews
6.10 miles from airport
Premier Inn Central
3 star hotel
83% customer-rating 26 reviews
0.58 miles from airport
Travelodge Gatwick
3 star hotel
68% customer-rating 16 reviews
0.69 miles from airport
Skylane Hotel Gatwick
3 star hotel
69% customer-rating 92 reviews
2.02 miles from airport
Stanhill Court Hotel
3 star hotel
94% customer-rating 4 reviews
4.40 miles from airport
Russ Hill Hotel
3 star hotel
69% customer-rating 383 reviews
3.09 miles from airport
Europa Hotel
3 star hotel
70% customer-rating 74 reviews
3.69 miles from airport
Holiday Inn
3 star hotel
84% customer-rating 116 reviews
0.91 miles from airport
George Hotel
3 star hotel
85% customer-rating 3 reviews
5.80 miles from airport
Cambridge Hotel
3 star hotel
83% customer-rating 157 reviews
2.04 miles from airport
Moat House Hotel
3 star hotel
81% customer-rating 35 reviews
0.79 miles from airport
Premier Travel Inn East
3 star hotel
88% customer-rating 9 reviews
3.42 miles from airport
Britannia Lodge Hotel
3 star hotel
awaiting reviews
3.70 miles from airport
Ibis Hotel
2 star hotel
77% customer-rating 28 reviews
1.43 miles from airport
Corner House Hotel
2 star hotel
80% customer-rating 1 review
2.10 miles from airport
White House Hotel
2 star hotel
62% customer-rating 48 reviews
1.19 miles from airport
Acorn Lodge Gatwick
2 star hotel
77% customer-rating 6 reviews
1.50 miles from airport

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