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...Very comfortable large room with 2 double beds. Bar & Dinner service both good. We were advised on arrival to book for dinner to avoid a wait for a table--they were very busy. We did not have breakfast. The transfer to the airport (1Euro/person)runs every half hour &.....

Mrs McMinn - Premier Inn

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Double choc ice-cream, double cream, double glazing... some things in life are just better in twos. With this in mind, we're bringing you double the savings on your Dublin Airport hotels and parking. You heard right - we're giving you combined package savings on top of the cheapest prices on the Internet, stretching your pennies that little bit further.

Hilton Hotel
4 star hotel
71% customer-rating 2 reviews
3.59 miles from airport
Premier Inn
3 star hotel
98% customer-rating 2 reviews
1.00 miles from airport

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