Central London Parking Reviews

We've collected over 566 Central London Parking reviews from our previous customers, so you can be sure that every review shown on gosimply.com is genuine. We also display both positive and negative reviews, because that's the best way to provide you with a comprehensive and honest overview of each parking service. Central London car parks have an average rating of 83% and individual ratings are displayed clearly so you can quickly see which parking services have impressed previous customers the most.

Award Winner
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Butlers Wharf Car Park reviews
"...I parked here at 5.30am on Sunday morning and cycled to the start of the Prudential 100 Bike Ride. Perfect position but don't tell everyone as I hope to park again next year !.."
89% customer-rating
269 reviews
Marble Arch / Park Lane reviews
"...Easy to find a space in a clean well-lit car park. Security seems good judging by the high number of very expensive cars. I had to change the car details because of a change in travel arrangements and this was carried out easily by a very helpful member of staff with a single phone call. I immediately received an email with the updated details. The bar-code would not scan on exit but the staff sorted it out with no fuss. Stress free parking at a reasonable (but far from cheap) price for the area..."
85% customer-rating
92 reviews
Knightsbridge Car Park reviews
"...Greeted when arrived and staff were very helpful. Good price for London city parking. felt like car would be safe. staff on the way out were very polite..."
80% customer-rating
5 reviews
Trafalgar Square Parking reviews
"...We were going to the Salvation Army International March on The Mall parking was very convenient and for central London good value we would use it again.."
79% customer-rating
21 reviews
Queensway Car Parking reviews
"...This is the second time I have gone to London by car and parked at Queensway. I honestly don't think I will ever go by train again - this is so simple. I can leave home when I like and return from London whenever I want (not when British Rail want me to). My husband was also impressed as are my friends when I tell them how simple this experience is..."
78% customer-rating
56 reviews
Chinatown Parking reviews
"...We were really impressed with this facility...clean,safe,well lit, security in attendance and adequate parking bays....all you want from a Central London car park. It was easy to book on line thus taking all the stress out of parking and comes with a positive recomendation to those who might choose to use in the future..."
76% customer-rating
43 reviews
Abingdon Central Parking reviews
"...easy to find very convenient to Westminster.The staff on duty was extremely helpful I would consider very good value for money..."
76% customer-rating
6 reviews
Pimlico Central Parking reviews
"...Parking is in a most central location, parking space itself was like a private garage, parking at night is very secure and very well illuminated, staff is very helpful. Outstanding value. Will use again and wholeheartedly recommend to others!.."
74% customer-rating
9 reviews
Oxford Street Parking reviews
"...Very central,clean,felt safe,considered cheaper car parking but when cost and time of using underground taken into account this was a much better option..."
73% customer-rating
13 reviews
Soho Car Park reviews
"...I chose this car park for it's ability to take a minibus, it's competitive charges and location - in that order! After an extra trip around the block we found it. The entrance is very narrow but by pulling in our wing mirrors and breathing in we made it. The exit is much wider so no problem. When leaving I made the classic mistake of forgetting the paperwork. Luckily the man behind the desk was patient, helpful and cheerful. I rang my husband for the booking reference number and this wonderful man sorted everything out. Many thanks to this kind gentleman. I would definitely use this car park again & recommend it to others. Location - we were actually staying in the Strand/Covent Garden Area, but simply used the tube & feet to transit between the two. (Nearer car parks had unsuitable height restrictions and were slightly more expensive..."
68% customer-rating
5 reviews
Harley Street Car Park reviews
"...we are currently gathering reviews for this car park..."
n/a customer rating
0 reviews

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