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An island that's not quite British, not quite French - Jersey enjoys a unique position out in the middle of the English Channel. It's good to know they're in the Pound and not the Euro though - so your pennies will go that much further. And to help you go further too - gosimply have a great selection of Jersey car hire options at even greater prices.

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Choosing your Car hire in Jersey

Jersey's nice and compact, with far less traffic than most other European destinations. From beautiful coastal beaches to towns with a distinctly continental feel - there's something for everyone.

Great choice of Jersey Car Hire with

We reckon you won't need more than a nice little compact to zip around the island in, or perhaps a nice convertible during the warmer months (like Jim Bergerac himself) to really get a flavour of Jersey life.

Due to it's small size, Jersey car rentals can only be collected at one location - Jersey Airport. Once you have made your booking, we'll email you everything you need to know, including directions to the car hire outlet. Nice and simple.

Getting to Jersey

Out in the middle of the English Channel - Jersey is easily accessible by both air and sea, with flights (at least 12 a day) from many UK airports and ferry services operating to and from the South Coast of the UK, France and the other Channel Islands. Jersey is also a popular destination stop over for cruise ships.

Driving in Jersey

Driving in Jersey is a pretty simple prospect if you're from the UK, with many of the same rules and signs. There are however some subtle differences (i.e. traffic lights) that could easily catch you out. Here's a few handy tips to keep you on the road trouble-free:

  • Accidents. If you are involved in an accident that results in damage or injury, you must stop and immediately report it to a police officer on 612612 or 999 if it is an emergency. Don't move your hire car until instructed by an officer. If required, you must provide your name and address and the name and address of the owner and the registration mark of the vehicle as well as insurance details.
  • Beaches and slipways. It is an offence to drive on any beach. Do not park on slipways unless there is a sign to indicate that parking is permitted.
  • Drinking and driving. It is against the law to drive under the influence of drink or drugs. The same rules apply as in the UK.
  • Traffic lights. The sequence of traffic lights differs from that of the UK - changing from red to green with no amber in between.
  • One-Way Roads. St. Helier has a number of one-way systems, so pay careful attention to the road signs.
  • Mobile Phones. It is illegal to use your mobile phone while driving and you will be fined if caught. A Centenier at the parish hall can impose a maximum fine of £50 or if it goes to the Magistrate's Court, a fine of up to £500 may be imposed. Don't do it in other words.

Speed Limits on the island of Jersey

Jersey car hire speed limits

Jersey has a maximum speed limit of 40mph/64kph, 20-30 mph in urban areas and 15 mph when driving on the Island's "green lanes".

If caught speeding, you must provide all relevant details to the police, who will report the incident to a Centenier in the parish in which the offence occurred. At the parish hall, the Centenier may impose a fine or if is not able to deal with the offence, he will charge the offender and present them to the Magistrate's Court to hear the case.

The Jersey road network

Despite its small size, Jersey has over 350 linear miles (563 kms) of paved road. Take precautions though, as many of the roads are quite narrow and twist and turn between the fields and farms. For information on parking in Jersey visit the official website.

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Did you know?
There is a prehistoric forest buried beneath the surfer's beach at Jersey's St Ouen's Bay