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60% comfort
60% cleanliness
60% food/drinks
80% facilities
80% service
60% value
The staff were helpful. The shower facilities were much welcomed after a long-haul flight.
Dr Searle
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80% comfort
80% cleanliness
60% food/drinks
60% facilities
80% service
60% value
Whilst we had only expected snacks, we were still a bit dissappointed with what was on offer - some very average sandwiches and crisps. The area was ok, plenty of seats, lots of TV screens and a departure board. There was one shower, which was average as well. Plenty of choice on the alcohol front, but it was a bit early in the day for that! Basically, I have been to better lounges, but it certainly beat sitting on a airport seat for 3 hours!

overall rating

81% comfort
86% cleanliness
81% food/drinks
81% facilities
86% service
85% value
Bidvest Sky Lounge is 1 of 4 Johannesburg O.R. Tambo International Airport Lounges and has been rated 83% by 12 previous customers.

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