Edinburgh Maple Manor Meet and Greet

Meet and Greet

This Meet and Greet option is both speedy and convenient, with the pick up point being right next to the terminal at the Pick Up Zone. All staff are fully CRB checked and insured. Your car will be stored in a secure car park less than 3 miles away.


The driver will meet you at the Pick Up Zone when you arrive there, and perform a full photographic inspection of your vehicle. Your car will then be driven to one of the secure compounds within three miles of the airport.


Once you have collected your luggage, please call the number on your booking confirmation and your car will be brought to you at the same meeting point where you dropped your car off.


Maple Manor Meet and Greet is a meet and greet service, so you are met at Edinburgh Airport's terminal.


Maple Manor Meet and Greet offers the following security features whilst your vehicle is stored.

You keep keys CCTV Security lighting
Security fencing Entry/exit barriers Security patrols

All cars are driven by comprehensively insured chauffeurs.


Cars must fit into a standard car parking space (2.4m x 4.8m). Mini-buses and vehicles with more than 8 passenger seats are not accepted.

Your car must be road legal - it must be fully taxed with a valid MOT. There are no refunds if your car cannot be driven due to not being fully legal and safe to drive.


This is a meet and greet service where you are met at the airport terminal.