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Adventure Insurance
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  • Flexible Travel options
  • Extreme Sports Upgrades
  • 70+ Activities Covered

For those of you with a taste for adventure, gosimply offers an adrenaline-inducing, award-winning travel insurance package that simply won't be beaten on price. Don't forget your camera though, and make sure you tie your shoelaces properly.

Adventure Travel Insurance that goes the extra mile

travel insurance for any adventure

Our standard policy covers more than 70 sports and activities in total, with another 60 available as optional cover - we think that covers just about everything for all but the most daring and intrepid amongst you. Affordable, comprehensive cover is never more than a few clicks away with

Our Adventure Travel Insurance package isn't just there to protect you against cancellations and lost luggage. For those of you with a taste for the "extreme", there is optional cover for a wide range of additional activities including...

Bungee jumping Elephant trekking Heli-skiing
Parachuting Rock climbing Safari

Adventure holiday insurance with pre-existing medical conditions

Adventure travel insurance no matter what mode of transport!

If you have a pre-existing medical condition it is important that you provide us with this information at the time of obtaining your quote.

With some activities more demanding than others, if you fail to declare a condition at the time of booking your insurance, you may not be fully covered in the event of an accident or claim.

Apply for a free EHIC card

A European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) provides basic state medical treatment for UK Citizens whilst abroad.

It's a valuable addition to take on your adventure travels, but also bear in mind that an EHIC Card should not be considered as a replacement to activity holiday insurance and due to variations between national health systems, you may have to contribute to the cost of any medical care.

  • Apply online or pick up a form at your local post office.
  • A full break down of European Economic Area (EEA) countries, non EEA countries and the treatment available for EHIC Card holders at each can be found at the NHS Choices web site.

Adventure Holiday Top Tips

Adventure addicts can remain safe even whilst having the time of their lives with our Adventure Holiday Insurance.

Get covered with our Adventure Travel Insurance

It's fair to say that leaping from a helicopter onto a mountainside or kayaking wild rapids is riskier than, perhaps, choosing which factor sunscreen to use whilst laying on your sun lounger. However, with a few simple rules, you can have fun and be safe.

  • If you're heading out alone or with a small group, tell others where you are going and when you expect to be back.
  • Stay with the group - don't be tempted to head off and do your own thing.
  • Be prepared - take all the necessary equipment you need and don't be tempted to carry on with an activity if you've forgotten an important piece of safety equipment.
  • If it's an organised outing or activity, stick to the rules - if you don't it may invalidate your insurance.
  • If you book through a tour operator or agent make sure that they use qualified guides and the best equipment available, for your safety's sake.

Fun Facts

gosimply elephant

We here at love our films. From the distant worlds of a galaxy far away to the sweeping vistas of middle-earth - there's nothing like escaping the hum-drum of daily life for a few hours. In reality, many of the far-flung locations we all know and love are a little closer to home than at first they may appear...

  • The opening jungle scene of Raiders Of The Lost Ark was filmed not in the deepest darkest Amazon but rather on the Hawaiian island of Kauai.
  • A long time ago in a galaxy far far away... a small town called Matmata in Tunisia provided the set for the planet Tatooine in Star Wars.
  • The mystical landscapes of Middle Earth in the Lord Of The Rings films were mostly shot on location in New Zealand.
  • Futuristic earth as portrayed in the original 1968 version of Planet Of The Apes was actually the desert around Page, Glen Canyon and Lake Powell in northern Arizona.
  • The land of the dinosaurs from the Jurassic Park movies can actually be found amongst the Hawaiian islands.

Disclaimer - although we like to think our Adventure Travel Insurance is pretty special, we're afraid it doesn't cover encounters with dinosaurs, alien civilisations or journeys to far off worlds. Sorry.

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